And Finally…..

Hello Wonderful People, how are you all?? The holidays are continuing nicely here at Grandma Patch’s house… more of that later. Finally what???

Welllllllll……. It’s done.


Yes. The Patchy Blanket is done.

It is finished. Complete. Whole. Done.

Would you like to see??


Ooooooooo pretty. To tell the truth it was finished a couple of days ago but I had to wait for a gap in the rain to take the photos.

Would you like a better look?

The completed Patchy Blanket

The completed Patchy Blanket

It’s pretty big. A generous single bed size. I couldn’t hang it on the line longways because it was going to trail on the wet grass. I used a whole Lucy Pack of Stylecraft Special DK and bought three more balls at the end to allow me to complete the border. I have a small amount left of every colour and am using them to make a cushion cover now with white added.

It has taken a good long while to complete but I did put it down for looonnnggg periods when I was sick of it and wanted to do something else. It was mainly the joining I got fed up with as it was all sewn together. Would I make another? Possibly, but definitely not straight away. I love playing with colour combinations so it would be good to do it in other colourways. It could make very jolly cot blankets. Can’t wait for winter now so I can get wrapped up in it properly. The boys have both asked if it is coming camping with us in a couple of weeks. It has been made to be used, so how can I refuse???

Right, back to my cushion cover now. Take care everyone.


34 thoughts on “And Finally…..

  1. Oh, it’s lovely! Wow- and huge. Love the photo on the bench, such nice colours. I can imagine you must be worn out with it though! And yes, very colourful-Klimt. I’m a bit loathe to say ‘roll on winter’, but Autumn would do it 🙂

  2. It’s absolutely stunning! Well done!!!! And just like childbirth (so I’m told) you will soon forget the pains and just enjoy your handywork.

    • Thanks Teje, I’m so tempted to make lots more in different colour combinations. Got a Cottage Garden CAL blanket to finish first though!

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