Ticking off the things…

… on the to do list. Hello All. How are you??

On Wednesday I said….. “Today we are off to the Library to join the Summer Reading Challenge (my kids will do anything for a sticker and it’s reading… whats not to like?) and to maybe help them build a Creepy House (thats the reading challenge theme this year)… and perhaps have a play in the park…. and maybe even an ice cream???”.


It took us a while longer to get there than anticipated due to some cows escaping from our field and blocking our way (you don’t get that in London) so we didn’t play in the park but we have since made up for that by going to the park and having a picnic yesterday. I didn’t take a photo of our Creepy House but next time we visit the library I will as it is on display for all to see. But there is evidence of the ice cream…

The serious business of ice cream.

The serious business of ice cream.

It was difficult to choose as our excellent ice cream shop has lots of scrummy flavours so we had two scoops each. They are generous scoops and it was a bit too much really. Next time only one I think. Between us we managed to try blackcurrant, vanilla, honeycomb, mango, rhubarb and white chocolate flavours. NOM!!!

Last Saturday I said… “Top of the list was writing this post, next is having a good tidy up and clean of the house (which has also been neglected in the recent madness!), visit the library to join the summer reading challenge, a visit to the big town to get the boys measured for suits for a summer wedding. In between this I will be entertaining small boys, cooking and eating good food, and lots of crochet, reading and hopefully some sewing of course .

Tick…. well mostly!

The house is partly tidied and cleaned. Its a whole lot better than it was, but more of that today anyway.

The boys were measured and fitted for their wedding suits just shoes to sort out now. They thought they looked like James Bond, I thought they looked like mini butlers!! They enjoyed the ride there and back on the double decker bus and Little J met his friend on both journeys. We also enjoyed their lunch in a cafe. A good day was had by all.

There has been a good deal of cooking and eating, entertaining and socialising too. Some reading – I have picked up my book again, but some nights I was too tired to read still. Plenty of crochet – my yarn arrived VERY quickly so I was able to continue with the edging. I am considering what to do next once thats finished. I need something smallish, I have lots leftover bits to use up and don’t want to take on something big just yet…. still got the CAL blocks to join. But I do need something to be going on with so I’m thinking cushion covers. I have plenty of cushions with very boring plain covers that need a makeover.

Sadly no sewing this week. I can’t shut myself in the workroom when the boys are at home… it feels wrong. I feel like I should be playing with them or at least supervising them and I can’t do either from the top of the house. I think I should set Little J up with his own making table up there – he’s very creative these days and would probably love it. And if he’s up there with me then at least I know they aren’t murdering each other (not that they do, on the whole they get on very well).

Overall a very busy but pleasant week (although it has seemed very long!) and now I’m writing todays list so I better go and get on with it. Before I go some photos taken of the view while we ate our ice creams…

This is the small town our village is next to. I love the higgledy-piggledy-ness of it. I can’t say that this is where I am from, because I was not born here, or call it “home” yet being relatively new to the area – the locals call us “comers-in”, but I like it more and more with each passing day. So glad we moved here (still).

Next week we are visiting Grandma Patch so who knows what we will be getting up to???? Stay tuned and have a good weekend 😉


5 thoughts on “Ticking off the things…

  1. Fun post! I have never encountered blackcurrant, honeycomb, or rhubarb ice cream in a shop here, although I have made honey ice cream before. Rhubarb sounds…unusual. I’ve not seen it used for anything outside a pie!

    • The rhubarb was one of my choices and it is delicious. I guess if you imagine rhubarb and cream but frozen… Mmmmmm! The blackcurrant was very tasty, very fruity. Mr P would not like the blackcurrant one… But it would make him pull good faces and the boys would feed it to him on purpose to see those faces lol!

  2. rhubarb – LOVE rhubarb, hardly ever see it in the stupid shops here. and rhubarb icecream – mmmm, like angels dancing on the tongue!
    have a lovely holiday with Granma Patch – will there be any barges involved?

    • It was truely heavenly.
      Sadly no barges 😦
      But no doubt other fun will be had. All of this years boating was done at Easter on those Scottish un-barges! Hopefully more barging next year.

  3. I love your little village it looks like right out of a fairy tale book… we have summer reading challenge at the library too, but I am not participating this year lol…. enjoy your summer 🙂

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