Ripple beginnings.

A bit of  a break from hexagons today. This is what I am working on at the moment. You remember I promised Big J a blanket? I wrote about it’s early beginnings here. Well, he won and is getting his ripples (it is his blanket after all) and his favourite colours, but I have insisted on an overall background of grey. Some of the colours he has chosen are very strong so I wanted the grey to tone them down a bit. Fingers crossed it works and it looks ok!!


Here’s the yarn mountain. Lots of soft and cuddly Stylecraft Special DK. The colours are Lipstick, Royal, Aster, Turquoise, Grey, Silver. At the moment I am wondering about the silver and whether I should have just stuck to the one shade of Grey…. but we will see when all is done. The pattern is Lucy’s (Attic24) Interlocking Colour Ripple.

And this is the progress so far. This is the first time I have crocheted a side to side blanket (as opposed to one made up of blocks joined together) and I am very pleased with the feel and drapey-ness it is acquiring. It feels very snuggly and comforting, and almost more sturdy than one made of blocks…. but maybe that is due to my bad experience with the “not-so-magic loops” and the Patchy Blanket. I’m crocheting the ends in as I join the colours so there is less sewing to be done later – there will still be some, maybe I will get started on that tonight so I don’t have it hanging over me.

I have to confess that at one point I thought this blanket would never get going. I had done everything right, even doing a small swatch to test the pattern out, I’d counted my starting chain very carefully, but for some reason it kept going wrong and I just couldn’t work out why. I ripped it out several times and kept trying and failing. Eventually I ripped it all out and started over. My starting chain had been right but I had made the odd mistake in my rows which is why it wasn’t working. I think I am going to have to keep a close check on my stitches as one extra stitch in the wrong place throws the pattern off, or else I will work out a cunning way to sort out my mistakes!!! I guess that’s the big difference between working in blocks and side to side.


21 thoughts on “Ripple beginnings.

    • Thank you. I have done a bit more now and got some of the red and the final blue in there. The red makes a big difference…. In a good way.

  1. Both greys work well, I think it will add variety to have a few rather than one.
    When I did my rhubarb ripple I stopped every few repeats in every single row throughout the making to check the stitches and it was tedious, but you get faster at checking. It’s so much better than undoing a big chunk.

  2. It’s coming on nicely. I agree with Rachel about checking. I also have learnt as an extra precaution to leave the previous colour attached when doing the first row in a new colour because it is very frustrating to find a mistake on the previous row and correct it and then realise that the yarn you have trimed off is going to run our before you get to the end of the row.

    • That’s a good idea. It will mean sewing in of the ends but might be worth it. I’ve already had a couple of times where I have got well into my second row before realising there is a mistake in the previous row!! So annoying!

    • I think you are right Avis…. It does seem to be getting easier. I have to be careful that Mr P doesn’t put anything too exciting on tv or it all starts going wrong again!

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