Crochet Update

Hello Blogpeeps. Hope you are well. We are back from our long weekend at Grandma’s. Back to work and school too. The holiday is over… *sighs*. I just love having all my boys at home. Love that family time (even though they drive me mad too)!

Managed to finish the scarf this week. Yay!

Took it with me to Grandma’s and added shell edging down each side. Then added a fringe to each end once all was quiet last night after we got back. I love that crochet is often so portable. One hook and a couple of balls of wool and away you go. You can whip it out anywhere and get on with it. Love, love, love it.


You want to see it?

You sure?

Ok then.

Nice and long so I can wrap it round lots and pull it up to keep my nose warm. I seem to notice the cold much more now than when I was a kid.

With the matching gloves. Its all a bit too much with the hat too and I didn’t really want all of me in the picture.

Once I’d done the shell edging at Grandma’s (She’s my Mum really but the boys got so confused with names when they were younger I just call her Grandma all the time!) my hands were itching to do something else so I whipped up two jumpers for two bears at the boys request. They chose the wool and surprisingly they didn’t fancy the pink or purple glittery wool!

Here you go – two smart teds.

What next????

Well I have plans.

Yes BIG plans.

Big, beautiful, hooky plans.

I have gone and ordered a Stylecraft Special DK Colour Pack (yep another “Lucy Pack” of Attic 24 fame) from here. And now I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. And I mean EAGERLY.

What I don’t understand is why do yarn retailers not sell more packs made up of different coloured balls of yarn which coordinate well. This pack is the only one I could find online – or am I looking in the wrong places??? Many people are not confident when putting colours together and it would save them some worry. You get similar items for other crafts, like jelly rolls/palettes for patchwork, bags of colour themed buttons. I know other people have big stashes so maybe thats why. I don’t have much of a stash (yet) so it appeals to me.  I am looking forward to playing with my rainbow coloured balls of wool and trying them in lots of different combinations.

Now where were we? Oh yes – big beautiful hooky plans.

I am thinking that I might use my rainbow wools for a blanket when they arrive. It might be a “Lucy Pack” but its not going to be a Lucy blanket, much as I love them (sorry Lucy). I think I will make one of these. This is a free pattern that can be found on Ravelry and is based on the Babette Blanket available at the Interweave Store. Its so, so bright and jolly and beautiful. I think it appeals to the quilt loving, patchwork side of me.

Well those are my intentions. Watch this space for updates.

6 thoughts on “Crochet Update

  1. I totally agree with you about more yarn companies doing variety packs! I don’t know why they won’t do it. Boo.

    That blanket is quite a project! I’m sure it will look great with the Lucy pack!

  2. I wish my craft were as portable as crocheting and knitting. Unfortunately I’d have to take a huge suitcase and a fold-out table with me if I wanted to get any polymer clay creations made while I was on the go. That would be a site to see. 😛

  3. That blanket is going to be a tour de force. I have enough wool (yarn? heh) in my spare room to make three and now that I’ve seen the tutorial you linked to, I feel like starting…but I can’t allow myself to. Have three tables in various stages of process to finish mosaicing for an Open Day… And your scarf is stunning, too. And who cares if it’s a bit much with the hat as well!? If you like it, wear it.

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