Here is the news…

… that is not hexagon related!

Last weekend was my birthday and, amongst other things, I got this inspiring Doodle Stitching book from my sister and a super-excellent set of Knitpro crochet hooks from Mum. I also have an Amazon voucher to spend…. but what to choose?????

Sunday was Mothers’ Day and we went to the garden centre to get things to plant in our new veg beds (and to eat scrummy cake in the coffee shop). Yesterday I dodged the showers and went out to section off the beds with nails and twine. According to the internet, our last date for frost is 9th April… but I’m not sure I believe it so I am holding off with the planting out for a little bit longer.

You will be glad to know that over the weekend I broke the crochet drought and did some rippling on Big J’s blanket… new hooks… very comfortable to use. I intend to finish off the bunting this week too because it has to be posted/delivered by the weekend.

Enjoy your week.

6 thoughts on “Here is the news…

    • Thankyou. Neither of us really know what we are doing with the garden but we have to start somewhere so we are jumping in with both feet. Hopefully something will grow and we won’t be too disheartened!

    • You have probably found something now but I downloaded a free Suttons Seeds app. It asks for your postcode then gives your last chance of frost date. Who knows how they calculate it???!

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