First International Hexagons

This week our Collaborative Crochet Blanket has gone truly international. Today’s hexagons come all the way from Idaho in the USA. And oh-my-goodness they are BEAUTIES. They come from Creative Wending and you can read her post here.



Another very beautiful African Flower using Heidi Bears’ pattern.

These two were adapted from patterns in “99 Granny Squares to Crochet” by Leisure Arts. No.s 19 (originally an octagon) and 54 (originally a square). Impressive. Not sure I could get my head around changing an octagon to a hexagon!

And I have saved the best until last…. these two were her own invention. So there will be no others in our blanket like them…. they are unique and individual. Such gorgeous colours too.

There are three more batches of hexagons on the way that I know of. I am so looking forward to seeing it all put together, it’s going to be stunning.

If you would like to join us and take part in the 2014 Collaborative Crochet Blanket, with a chance of winning a beautiful blanket created by your crocheting friends around the world, then there is still time. Final hexagons need to reach me by 30th April 2014. If you would like to read more about the blanket and what is required please click here.


5 thoughts on “First International Hexagons

  1. These are too gorgeous. I have to work a couple more rounds in white on mine, but now that I look at these from Idaho and compare them to mine, I’m worrying that my contribution is going to bring down the property values of the neighbourhood…. 🙂

  2. Looking at those I wonder if I picked the right “size” of yarn. My hexagons have so many more rows … They should arrive any day from now as I mailed them last Friday.

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