Keep Calm and Carry on Cowling.

Hello you lovely WR’s, how are all of you?? It’s back to school with a bang here. Yes the crazy busy-ness has struck again, hence the blog absence.

Last weekend we were celebrating a birthday and away at a family wedding. Very enjoyable and great to see everyone. The boys were on Page Boy duty, initially a bit nervous about it but they were absolute stars and had a fantastic time, especially meeting family they have not met before or couldn’t remember because they were so small last time they met. Here’s a quick pic for you…

Whose children are they???

Whose children are they???

So smart…. with their big cousin R who was a Bridesmaid.

Then we were back to school and work. I was expecting to be doing less hours than last year but was aware it might change should the need arise. I hadn’t imagined it happening so quickly but I had a call from my boss on Monday to offer me more hours. So some of my plans will have to take a bit of a back seat for a while, hey ho!

In crochet news, I have completed my Stripey Cushion piece following Hannah’s CAL, I now have to make a lining and join the edges etc. More about that soon. Some photos for you…

As you can see I have also started something new with the Knitcol I got on my holidays. I decided on a scarf and thought I would try a cowl. I googled cowls and found the Calm Cowl pattern (you see what I did?) by Suzana Davidovic on Ravelry. Its nice and simple, using only doubles, trebles and chains so would be perfect for a beginner. I’m looking forward to wearing it in a month or two when its colder and the colour is perfect for now… it reminds me of Blackberries… I think I shall call it the Blackberry Cowl.

Have a fantastic weekend folks.

17 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Carry on Cowling.

  1. eee by gum lass you’ve been a busy little chick! Love the CAL crochet piece, and I’ve made about 10 calm cowls now, it’s a brilliant pattern. I haven’t tried in variegated so I’m interested to see how yours turns out, looks stunning.

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    • Thank you. The cowl is almost finished now….. will probably get there tonight and its looking really good. You know you have a good pattern when it’s so popular.

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