Healthiest Biscuits Ever??

Hello WR’s, how are you all today?? Is it new school year, fresh start, new resolutions where you are??

Now we are back to the normal routine, and being aware of how much rubbish the boys have eaten over the holidays, I decided to try to improve the situation. I have decided to (try to) encourage healthier snacks after school and while enjoying Pinterest the other day I found this recipe for “2 Ingredient Cookies”.

2 ingredients?? How simple is that?? It is basically mashed or pureed fruit and oats mixed together then baked. I thought I would have to try it but felt a bit sceptical…. surely it couldn’t be that easy…. could it??

Well it was, and here’s the proof….



If you look at the link you will see there are other posts about autumn and summer versions of this recipe too, plus lots of comments from other people about what they used to make it and how they adapted the recipe. I didn’t have 2 large ripe bananas but I did have a 400g tub of pears in juice so I drained those and pureed them with my hand blender. I used ordinary rolled oats but chopped them up as the recipe suggests using the hand blender too. I used my bread machine measuring cup to measure my oats.

I mixed them, then added a couple more spoonfuls of oats to achieve the right kind of consistency. Next I added my “mix-ins” – raisins, cinnamon and a very small amount of brown sugar (depending on your fruit you might not need any but I figured mine did after tasting it).

I baked them for 15 minutes in The Beast then gave them another five.

They are very munchable. Sort of a cross between a biscuit and flapjack. Mine are still a bit soft and chewy and I might cook them longer next time to see if I can get them crunchy but they are still yummy.

The fantastic thing about them is the endless variations that are possible. For the fruit we usually have bananas in the house but if not then apple, peaches, mango, tinned or fresh (we always have a couple of tins of fruit in the cupboard), the autumn version uses pumpkin so veg is a possibility too. Little J wasn’t keen on the raisins (but it didn’t stop him eating two last night!) but the options for mix-ins are endless too.

Needless to say there are very few left in the biscuit tin now!! I think this recipe is a keeper. It has all the things I look for in a recipe – it’s simple, it’s healthy, it’s quick and it’s made from things I usually have in the house. It has gone straight into the notebook I keep for recipes.

If you try it let me know what you use… interesting to see all the flavour combinations. Enjoy. 😉


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