What a Woolaballoo! (or Adventures with Self Striping Yarn).

Hello WRs, how are you all today? In the UK today we are all somewhat confused. No-one has any clue what day it is because we have a Bank Holiday today so we all think it is still the weekend… is it Sunday? Is it Monday? What day is it tomorrow? So not quite the right day for me to be writing a blog post but let’s be different for a change.

Its a yarny crochet post today folks (still slightly holiday related though). Sometimes, if I am REALLY organised, I search online for yarn and fabric shops before I travel but this time I wasn’t so organised. So I had an exceedingly pleasant surprise when we visited Hexham and found a gorgeous yarn shop called “Woolaballoo” (good name). Of course the boys said “don’t let mum go in there, she’ll be ages” and steered me past but we had to come back the same way so Grandma P and I snook inside.

Now here I have to apologise for shirking in my bloggerly (new word heh heh!) duties. I had an attack of shyness and couldn’t ask if I could take photos. So I can only tell you that it was a veritable cavern of delights. Shocking! Must do better next time Miss P! But I shall direct you to their website here and show you my acquisitions….

It was very difficult to settle upon which yarn to take home so I relieved the nice lady of her last three balls of Knitcol in this beautiful red/blue/purple/teal colourway (you have to help a person where you can hey?). Besides a beautiful array of yarn they also had some gifty things and I spotted this lovely buttony bracelet which I decided I would have to have.

I also spotted some yarn bowls and showed Grandma P, who later showed Grandad P, who does woodturning…. stay tuned…..

Since then, besides working on Hannah’s CAL cushion cover (which is about the right size now, more about that later) I have HAD to play with my new pretty yarn. Not sure what I shall do with it yet. What can I make with three balls??? Have a look at my playing…

I like the way the doubles come out best so far.

What do you think? What shall I do with it???


11 thoughts on “What a Woolaballoo! (or Adventures with Self Striping Yarn).

  1. I always look forward to your blog which Kate (Worrall) thought I would be interested in. Last week I came home from staying with my sister in Haltwhistle which is not a million miles from Hexham. She is a wool fanatic so I am sure she knows the shop! The only reason I can think of for not going there is that I am in a wheelchair and sometimes places are difficult. I will make sure we go there next time even if she has to carry me! Happy chrocheting.

    • Hello Kate’s Mum, we were camping just outside of Haltwhistle at Hadrian’s Wall Campsite!! She will know the shop, it looked like they did some lovely workshops too. I’m trying to remember now, but I think the entrance to the shop was flat (no step) as was most of the interior. There was a single step further back to access some of the shelves but I don’t think it would be too tricky with a wheelchair. Happy shopping!

      • I will make sure we go next time I stay with her. As it was I came home with a carrier bag of wool from various charity shops and loads of material from a nearby Hobbycraft. Also got lots of odd cushion covers that are going to be turned into bags one day. All I have to do now is sort out my craft room!

    • Mmmmm I’m thinking scarf… If I had a nice easy and successful crochet hat pattern then maybe. Successful also means it looks good on me too, lol!

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