Time for a Catch Up Again… Or maybe not!

Hello again Lovely Blog Readers, how are you all?? Enjoying your weekend??

Do you remember this post Readers?? Well its that weekend again. I enjoyed it soooooo much last year and was really looking forward to it this year but sadly we won’t be there as we have family duties to attend to – the birthdays of my two nephews. It will be back next year no doubt and the boys will get tired of it if they are dragged along every year. And there is this next week too I think, so we might have to go there instead.

Since I got back from my Scottish Adventure I have been beavering away in the evenings with the CAL in an effort to catch up a bit. The pile of completed blocks next to my chair has steadily grown and I thought it was time to get them posted.

But it appears I am having camera problems today. I got the blocks out, ordered them, pressed them and started photographing. Wasn’t happy with the results so altered the settings and started again. Then the batteries went. Then the camera was saying “read error” and I seemed to have lost my pictures. So I started again. This time the pictures were definitely there but I couldn’t get them onto the computer!!! Think I might need a new SD card. Total Frustration!!!

Any how… these were already uploaded so you can look at these. Many, many more to follow soon

Not the most exciting blocks – there are some much prettier ones in the heap I have just tried to photograph! I like Briar Rose though. I am beginning to get low on yarn and I don’t really want to buy another full batch, especially knowing that I don’t intend to use all the blocks I have made and that we are getting towards the end of the book now, so I am considering having a sort through and frogging some of the ones I am less than impressed with???

Mr P has been hunting around to see if he has another SD card I can use but has had no luck. Better go shopping then!

Until later people xx


8 thoughts on “Time for a Catch Up Again… Or maybe not!

    • Mr P has found another SD card after much searching. And he has managed to get the photos off the original one and on to the computer too. Yay! He is very clever sometimes.

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