Sunshine and busy-ness

Hello Everyone, how are you all?? Enjoying your weekend and the sunshine???

Very busy here but no crafting done 😦

It started yesterday with a visit to the hairdressers then the supermarket with Big Lil Bro (who has a broken clavicle and is not allowed to drive and his girlfriend is away for a month now so he needs a bit of help from his little old sister). We then had lunch and went off to enjoy the Spring Festival at Big Lil Bro’s village. It appears that it is definitely festival time around here at the moment. First the folk festival, currently it is the local Film festival and Bro’s Spring Festival, next week it is Jubilee Weekend and Festival at Grandma Patch’s house and the week after it is the Agricultural Show at one of the nearby towns. Its all go and its great. Lots of free/cheap family entertainment not far from home.

The busy-ness has continued today with a trip to a car booty – kept my eyes peeled for fabrics, yarn, buttons, ribbons… but came back empty handed. You don’t know until you look though. Home for lunch and a bit of Grandprix. We thought we were off to see a film at the film festival but it appears Mr P was a little confused (doesn’t take much!) and it was last week. So there is a slight pause in proceedings and time for a quick post before swimming lessons. Phew! I’ll need a weekend to get over my weekend!!!

Ok here are the highlights of the Spring festival…

a bit of this…

more of this…

Some of this… (Smokey Smith, The Pyrotechnic Pensioner!)

Some of this… (Frumptarn Guggenband – Little J’s favourites the “moo cow band”)

Some trying on of fantastic headwear!!!

And a free Circus Skills Workshop…

A lovely day out was had by all.

Enjoy wants left of your sunday – its swimming time here.

Speak soon.


6 thoughts on “Sunshine and busy-ness

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