At last… let the catch up begin!!!

Morning Lovely Blog Readers, how are you all?? Well the SATs are over, the boys are at karate, the coffee is made, the camera is fixed (I think) and all is well with the world. Todays music for blogging to is Mumford and Sons – Babel. Bizarre, but after I mentioned QOTSA the other week and janeygingerboy said “not heard them in a while”, there they were in all their glory on Jools Holland!

Ok, lets get on with the crochet. I have a confession to make. I DEFINITELY did block 79 Baltic Square but I can’t find it!!! Its hiding somewhere in the house, perhaps buried amongst other crafty things that have not been touched for a while in the attic. Its a green one. So I can’t put a photo of it today, you will have to wait for that one until I find it!!! So we will press ahead from 80 onwards….

They all look a bit wonky don’t they! Rather too much pink too!! Ok, here’s the next block…

I really like the Edwardian Fancy best. Peony is very right for our cottage garden theme too.

As far as I remember, I had no problems with making any of these blocks. As Rachell said the other day, this has been an excellent way to learn and practice crochet. My confidence has increased loads and I no longer have to check the back of the book for instructions for the less common stitches like I had to at the beginning. I think I might need support if I were to try clothing like jumpers, cardigans etc. as I haven’t tried anything like that but I’m not really keen to try them anyway right now. I’m happy with simple shapes.

Well the coffee is gone (made some for Mr P and put it on the aga to keep warm for him but it was too good so I have drunk his too!!!!) and we are on the last track on the album so it must be time to go. Back soon with more of the same, don’t want to overwhelm you.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


15 thoughts on “At last… let the catch up begin!!!

  1. Hope your weekend was a good one. You certainly have been busy and they are all looking so impressive, hopefully when I manage to get to 80 etc, mine will start taking more of a shape like yours. Looking forward to seeing next weeks . 🙂

    • Not sure if its the right thing to do but I always give them a gentle press with the steam iron before I photograph them, and sort of pull them into shape a little bit while they are still warm. Seems to help the shape. Hope your Dad’s paintings sell well.

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