The Stripy CAL Cushion

Hello Dearest Ones, how are you all??

I’m never sure if its “stripy” or “stripey” but it is finished as you can see. It was a little delayed as I wanted to make a lining for it and struggled to find time to get to the sewing machine as usual. I took advantage of an extra day at home last week when Big J was off school poorly (he’s better again now) and made the lining while he was watching movies on the sofa in his pyjamas. That evening I crocheted the sides together and sewed the opening shut. Then I spent the rest of the evening admiring it from across the room. It’s bright colours on my plain, navy sofa kept catching my eye and every time that happened I had a little smile.

I am quite pleased with it but I am also aware that there are improvements I could make. It would be better if it overlapped and had buttons to make it easier to remove when it gets dirty. It would also be better if the patterns matched up along the edge, as if I had done a front and a back. But hey ho, I don’t really care. It’s just for me and it makes me happy as it is. The smile it brings outweighs the imperfections. A huge big thank you to Hannah for all her hard work hosting the CAL. I’m sure I will be using the pattern again for a blanket.

26 thoughts on “The Stripy CAL Cushion

    • I folded it in half, wrong sides together, then literally did double crochet (UK terms) along the two opposite edges and sewed the third edge once the cushion was inside. Guess I could have crocheted that one too. It’s left a raised edge. It’s not hugely neat but its passable… Shall we say rustic looking 😉
      I did block it before I joined, as my edges were a bit uneven because of the different stitches.

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