While it was Yarndale…

Hello Dear Friends, have you managed to get to Yarndale? Or just wished and read all about it on everyone else’s blogs??

I have had to do the latter. I really did want to go, especially as every yarny, knitty, crochety blogger and their dogs seemed to be going. But it was not to be. Weekends are rarely quiet and restful in this house and this weekend was no exception, there were sooooo many things on as well as the normal stuff.

Saturday started with the normal karate and swimming lessons, while I was feeling distinctly yuk and couldn’t have gone to Yarndale even if there had been nothing else happening. Mr P had to hold the fort, juggling room tidying and homework with mowing the garden and cooking the tea. Little J had the opportunity to do a trial football session too but thankfully decided against it. Our local Food and Drink Festival was also happening this weekend but on account of my yukkiness we decided not to go to it until Sunday. Saturday was a gorgeously sunny and warm autumn day… I was quite annoyed that I felt so horrid and couldn’t enjoy the lovely weather.

Sunday started with the village 10k race. This is held every year and Mr P helps out with marshalling for it. There is a Fun Run for under eights and a 2k for older kids. Its quite hilly round here so its quite a tough race. The fantastic thing is it starts just up the street from us and finishes at the school so we can see them all off then sit on the front wall to clap and give encouragement as they come in to finish, without really leaving home.

Once that was over we dashed off to the Food and Drink festival. We had a good wander around then chose some tasty snacks for lunch. The boys had big german sausages in buns while we watched our favourites “the moo cow band”  as they are known in our house on account of their black and white cow print suits (Frumptarn Guggenband, I wrote about them here).  Except this year they had new costumes – tartan with a touch of steampunk – I like! Mr P had a crocodile burger – tasty, light pink coloured and a bit like ham or bacon, and I had some healthy falafel in a pitta with salad. Some of the curries smelled gorgeous but I thought I better not risk it this time.

So as you see, quite a busy weekend and not really any room for Yarndale. I’m just going to have to enjoy everyone else’s blog posts about it. Perhaps next year??


8 thoughts on “While it was Yarndale…

  1. looks like you had an awesome weekend yourself – well, not so much on the Saturday but I hope you got a good rest, at least. Love the band. Crocodile is a very healthy meat, hardly any fat, like venison. We eat a lot of it here. It’s particularly good in a pie.

    • The same stall had lots of other “exotic” burgers to try… ostrich, kangaroo…. I think Mr P is working his way through the list.

  2. I’ve had so much fun reason he Yarndale blogs as well even though I went. It was lovely to see all the things I missed.

    And just think if you do come next year you can meet up with all the other bloggers.

  3. Sorry you weren’t well 😦 feel you’re better now if you can watch food tv prog – The GBBO – and are well enough to hurl the term ‘deranged’ around the interweb. 😉

    A local said the same weekend’s been booked for Yarndale next year. I’m not sure how she knows but you might need to arrange for someone else to sit on the wall and wave for you.

    • I think I can give the Food and Drink Festival a miss next year. The problem with the 10k is childcare because Mr P is marshalling. But I shall definitely work something out.

      • Thought you mentioned the “d” word first 😉
        Am on the mend, still feeling icky and headachey… But had to go on a school trip today… Lucky me!

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