Slowly does it… Eventually (Yarning Along 24)

June has meant back to work for me as schools in the Uk opened to more than just the children of key workers. This has meant that the pace of reading has slowed further. Neither of my boys are in year groups that have returned to school and Mr P is continuing to work from home and is now helping with homeschooling. This means that breakfast times are not as chaotic as normal so I can squeeze a bit of reading in with my tea & cereal.

Once Upon A River by Diane Setterfield – I thoroughly enjoyed this book – a kind of dark, Victorian, realistic fairy tale – not exactly Gothic and not exactly fantasy. Books always translate into pictures in my head and this was beautifully, descriptively written creating crystal clear images. I loved the historical setting and the mixture of fairytale and realism, supernatural and reality. The characters were interesting and believable, some of them very likeable, others made you feel uneasy and some were downright nasty. There is a theme of storytelling throughout with characters creating their own stories of events. Diane Setterfield’s storytelling voice is much more how I imagine a storyteller to sound compared to Neil Gaimen in Norse Mythology. Some people have criticised it for being slow and I can see why. I was aware that the pace had slowed at times but I knew I had to enjoy every beautifully written word because it would end sooner or later so I made the most of the slower paced sections. It would be wonderful to see this turned into a tv series and I believe that Kudos (who made Broadchurch, Spooks and Grantchester) have won the tv rights for it…. Fingers crossed!

Circe by Madeline Miller – This has been on my “To Read” shelf for a while. I think I was putting off choosing it because I thought it might be too “literary” (not sure why I thought that perhaps it’s the Greek Mythology) but it’s not at all and I am really enjoying it. Circe practises “pharmakia”… essentially she is a witch so this is perfect for me. Being my second mythology based book recently, perhaps I am developing a taste for mythology too?? This is also being turned into a tv series by HBO.


I’m slowly still taking part on the Crojo Retro CAL. Some nights I’m too worn out to do any, some nights I do one round of a leaf and some nights I do a few rounds of flowers. I will get there… eventually, and hey…. it’s holidays in two more weeks!!!

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along.

4 thoughts on “Slowly does it… Eventually (Yarning Along 24)

  1. I enjoyed Circe too, I think it would make a good TV show …if done right.
    Here in Northern Ireland I am off work until August. My school was open for Keyworkers children until the end of June and now the school is totally closed for July.

  2. Both of those books are on my lengthy TBR! I know I will more than likely enjoy them but there is so much on the list! Love your crochet – I really need to learn!

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