Holiday Reading. (Yarning Along 21)

I have been visiting the phone box library again. It really is so useful having it just round the corner. There is another in the smaller village just over the fields but it doesn’t seem as loved and well used as ours.

I finished “Call the Midwife” by Jennifer Worth and then started “A French Affair” by Katie Fford (also from the phone box library). I have read some Katie Fford in the past so knew it would be ok. It’s not the kind of fiction that rocks your world but it’s pleasant enough for winding down at bedtime. Sometimes easy and pleasant is what is needed.

When I took these two books back to the phone box it was a little untidy so I had a bit of a sort out and while I was there some people came past to drop off some gardening magazines. Like I said, it’s well used. I guess the thing is to make sure it doesn’t become a dumping ground for everyones unwanted books. If it gets too full then it will be time for a trip to a charity shop.

I chose another two to bring home… another Katie Fford (someone round here is a fan!!) and “Watching You” by Lisa Jewell. I was sure I had read some other Lisa Jewell but I can’t work out what it was… maybe I just considered it but didn’t get it. I have just finished this and I was gripped. At more than halfway through but I could not guess how it was going to end. I had hopes but I wasn’t sure. I knew there had been a murder (that’s not a spoiler – you know it from the start) but who, what, how and why I had no clue… there were too many possibilities.

This book had more to it than many others I have read. The characters developed as the story went on and your attitudes to them changed as you learned about them. The title also had more depth to it than anticipated… the blurb suggests there is one “watcher” but there is so much more to it than that… Who is the “watcher” and who is being watched???

And then the ending… you think it’s all nicely wrapped up and over…. but the last bit is chilling and leaves you wondering. Definitely worth reading. I’ll watch out for more Lisa Jewell… hopefully in the phone box library.

Having finished “Watching You” last night I have just been to phone box library again (I wasn’t sure I wanted to read another Katie Fford so soon… but when I got there there were another four to choose from!! Like I said… someone is a fan!). I’ve chosen two books but I’m still not sure which I will pick up tonight!

My other type of yarn is the beginning of the Shellscape shawl by Lisa Cook in Watermelon Hellraiser. I’ve got off to a flying start but progress has slowed due to a few distracting, busy days. This week looks busy too but I’m sure I’ll fit a bit of hooking in somewhere.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along.

8 thoughts on “Holiday Reading. (Yarning Along 21)

  1. The shawl is such a pretty colour, I love it. The phone box library sounds so good. Our memorial home has a onderful book table which is well suppled with good books, although I get mine from the library now.

  2. I’ve just left 3 books at my local ‘phone box library! Not a good selection to chose from, but that’s ok as I don’t need any books at the moment.
    I’ve skipped most of your book talk as I’ve got Watching You on my Kindle for later in the year. I’m listening to her The Girls book on audio. It’s really gripping. I’ve read 2 other thrillers by LJ recently. She definitely keeps you guessing….

    • Glad you like them too…. Sometimes I wonder if I have dodgy taste in books because I’ll almost read anything!!! I tried to not give anything away in my book talk… but wise to skip it if you like to be gripped.

      • I don’t want to know anything at all about a book. It’s always best to skip book talk; especially as earlier in the year someone blogged the end of a book and I’d really looked forward to it! 😊

  3. Glad you’re getting some me-time for reading, walking and crocheting 🙂 I’m fascinated by the idea of your phone box libraries. So civilised! Probably not a concept that would fly over here….

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