A Flurry of Finishing and Fluffy Feet.

Rejoice!!!! I successfully made it through another academic year in one piece (it’s been a challenging one and the challenges aren’t over yet).

And relax!!!! It’s holidays… time for sleeping, eating, recovering and doing things you have no energy for in term time.

My crafty fingers have been itching to start a new thing…. but first I have to finish all the things!!

Having ordered some Joe’s Toes slipper kits I had to complete the colour pooling cowl which I did a short while ago (terrible pictures – typically awful British summer weather today!!). Work then began on some Crossover Slippers. I figured they would be a good place to start because the knitted section was just a long rectangular strip… Even I could manage that! Nice and simple. Work got in the way a bit and slowed the process down as usual. But then holidays started and there was lots of time to fill.

I followed the pattern but I think my tension was off a bit because my strip seemed way to short. I took my first slipper apart and added a few more rows to get a result I was happier with. I also added some rows of crochet along the top edge of the strip in a contrasting colour and some buttons because I love them… you can’t beat a bit of personalisation. Note to self… I like my crossover slippers longer and wider than the original pattern. I guess if you have dainty, narrow feet then the pattern is probably perfect for you… but I have big, wide plates of meat (cockney rhyming slang for feet). I am pretty pleased with them now.

On to the next thing – another pair of Joe’s Toes slippers… This time the sam slipper pattern. Another knitted pattern but trickier this time. I had to get on You tube to learn a provisional cast on and how to cast on at the end of a row. But it worked. And the tension was fine. I wanted to add buttons but was told no, they didn’t need any.

On to the next thing – it wouldn’t be summer without a Scheepjes Whirl and a shawl pattern from Lisa Cook…. But you can’t start a new one unless you have completed the last one!! So the Wisteria Way shawl, that I started last summer, that had been waiting for tassels for so long, finally got finished. I bought some beads while in a local craft shop with Grandma Patch and then came up with a cunning plan to get some yarn to match. I ordered my new Scheepjes Whirl and ordered a Whirlette in the closest colour I could at the same time. It’s not an exact match but it goes well and it doesn’t matter because its for the tassels. Quite pleased with it now. Hurrah!!!

Cowls, shawls and fluffy slippers…just what you need in the summer!!!

And at last I can start a new thing – you guessed it – it’s a new shawl pattern. This time it’s the Shellscape shawl and I am using the Watermelon Hellraiser Whirl. Now all I need is some time on the green boat and my holiday will be perfect… and that will be happening soon too. What have you been finishing???

7 thoughts on “A Flurry of Finishing and Fluffy Feet.

  1. Very impressive work! And so beautiful! I immediately googled Joe’s Toes, what a wonderful site it is. I’ll hold back on ordering anything right now, although I could certainly use a pair of cosy slippers in this horrible cold winter we’re having here. I’ve been parsimonious and am wearing a silly pair of flimsy summer things. Glad you get to have a break now – happy boating xxx

  2. Your slippers look all the better for your embellishments, very pretty. I have to confess that I am just starting a second blanket having not finished the first but I do have excuses!

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