Reading Catch Up. (Yarning Along 20)

The last time I wrote a Yarning Along post was this post in December. Since then I have finished seven books and I am half way through my eighth. In the past I haven’t really kept track of my reading habits very closely. I always have a book on the go but don’t count how many I have read through the month/year. Discovering I have read seven so far this year was a pleasant surprise to me.

Under A Pole Star – Stef Penney

The Rules of Seeing – Joe Heap

One Day in December – Josie Silver

The Girl In The Letter – Emily Gunnis

Gone Viking – Helen Russell

From Cradle to Stage – Virginia Hanlon Grohl

The Maidens Trip – Emma Smith

My current book is Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth. We have loved the tv series and I have wanted to read the book for a long time. I am relieved to report that the tv series is a very accurate representation of the book.

In other book news… Our unused village telephone box has been turned into a little book sharing library. Anyone can go and browse, borrow and return or swap a book for free. There’s a good range of books to choose from for children and adults and its two minutes walk from my house!! I got my current book there and it’s good to know that I’ll never be stuck with nothing to read ever again.

More reading news… the reading project at school is continuing to be very successful. Initially it was only for Year 6 pupils and they were mostly very successful. Often the greatest successes were from pupils we didn’t expect (which is even better!!). After seeing the success they were having we introduced it to some Year 5s too and now some of those Year 5s are beginning to overtake the Year6s!! Next up will be some of the Year4s

There’s not been so much of the woolly variety of yarn recently though. I have finished another Granny Stitch Cowl though and I am now going resume work on the colour pooling cowl that I began, then fell out of love with because of problems with the yarn. I’m itching to start something new but I’m not doing that until I have done some finishing off first.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along.

4 thoughts on “Reading Catch Up. (Yarning Along 20)

  1. There’s a phone box library not a million miles away from me, I must take some books and visit. If you want to maybe find out what others thought of your books you could join – it’s free, anonymous and if you get a book journaled by a stranger it’s a fab feeling!

  2. I have seen book libraries in phone boxes a few times, such a good idea. I loved the book by Jennifer Worth Call the Midwife. Mirand Hart played Chummy brilliantly in the TV series. My friends Mum was a midwife in the 50s and she felt that Call the Midwife was very good and authentic.

    • They were just going to remove the phone box, which would have been such a shame. They are such an iconic image and part of our streetscape we had to keep it.

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