Book-fest but Yarn-drought (Yarning Along 18).

R & R over…. it’s all systems go and back to the routine (and back to busy, busy, busy and no time for blogging!!).

I LOVE my holidays and really need them, but by the end of the long summer holiday I am definitely ready for a bit of routine and so are the boys, although they probably wouldn’t admit it. I secretly look forward to being back at work. It’s fun getting to know your new class and catching up with colleagues you haven’t seen for a few weeks. The start of a new school year is a bit like traditional New Year – full of optimism and hope, making plans and resolutions. Hurrah for school!!! (Feel free to remind me of that, in a few weeks, when I am exhausted and grumpy!!)

The story-yarn news is that I have made the most of the extra time I have had and read more than usual. I quickly finished “Narrow Margins” by Marie Browne , then I started “How To Be Champion” by Sarah Millican and finished it. Next came “The Endless Beach” by Jenny Colgan and lastly “The Cows” by Dawn O’Porter which I just finished last night when I couldn’t get off to sleep. I enjoyed them all for different reasons. Chapter 33 of “How to Be Champion” entitled “Sometimes I hate myself” was a refreshingly honest account of Sarah’s feelings about her own body and how she is judged in the media. “The Endless Beach” was classic Jenny Colgan – perfect light summer reading. “The Cows” was very contemporary, sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking and with some good, unexpected plot twists.

While it has been an absolute book-fest… the yarn-yarn news is slim to none!! I did very little crochet while I was camping and not so much since I’ve been back, so the Scheepes Whirl shawl that I began while on the boat is only growing slowly (last seen here). It really should be finished by now.


Any book-fests where you are? Or maybe it’s a yarn-fest instead?? Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along.

6 thoughts on “Book-fest but Yarn-drought (Yarning Along 18).

  1. That’s a pretty pattern but I must not start another project until all my WIPs have been finished. Hahaha. I have read Narrow Margins. I think it was part of a series.

    • Yes, it is a series. I will read the others later. It’s so hard to resist the temptation of starting something else. I have to be very strict with myself to finish my WIPs!!!!

  2. Your shawl looks very pretty. I was lucky enough to win Rachel’s giveaway, but I am still searching for the perfect pattern. I quite fancy attempting my first shawl.

    • Thank you – the green is just starting to come through now. I’m very pleased you won it. Lisa Cook has some beautiful shawl patterns if you need inspiration…. This is my second one of hers.

  3. No book-fests because I’m reading a biggie (The Age of Wonder, by Richard Holmes) and there’s no racing through it. No yarn-fests, either, just the desire to use up all my stash including left-over bits on a couple of blankets. Straightforward crochet, totally mindless, no colour plan. No plan at all, really.

    • I think a biggie could be counted as a book-fest…. just a different kind of book-fest!! I did have a tidy up in the attic and found my sewing machine (it was buried) but that is as far as that has got!!

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