Marking the page.

Time flies!! Especially when life is hectic. LJ finished school this week for the summer holidays. Next year will be his final year at primary school – the end of an era!

I needed something yarny to do having finished my socks – sometimes yarny pursuits are even more necessary when everything else is hectic – an oasis of calm and contemplation in the middle of the craziness. I also needed some “Thank you Teacher” gifts.

A colleague showed me a “Book Rat” months ago and then recently I saw the “Book Gecko” on the Woollaballoo Instagram feed….. perfect for teacher gifts!

So I tried the “Book Mouse” first. You start at his pink nose and work down his body. Mr P was a little bemused when I had only finished half his head. There were smutty comments and giggling!!! I ignored it and carried on. When he was finished LJ said “Can you make one for me?”…..  Mr P said “Can you make one for me?”….. another colleague said “Can you make one for me?”. I think he’s a hit!!!!

Then I tried the “Book Gecko” – also cute, but not quite as popular as the comical “Book Mouse”. Both were given to LJ’s two teachers, each inside a useful notebook. Bet they’ve never had one of those as a present before!!!

Do you find yourself trialling/reviewing a new pattern as you do it? I always do this. I used Stylecraft Special DK for both book creatures but would like to try one in cotton. I’d like to make them smaller. I’d like to taper the mouse’s bottom so it’s less square. I’d like my gecko to be smaller and less like a lizard than a gecko.

The patterns I used are both free and are by Jonas Matthies. They can be found on Ravelry or on his webpage – Supergurumi. There are many more to choose from ; Rat, Fox, Sheep, Frog, Rabbit, Minion (although they are not all free) and more to come soon according to his Instagram feed (Dragon, Horse, Lion, Unicorn, etc.). I love the sheep and the fox in particular. I’m considering making some for the next Autumn Fair at school. I’ll add it to my ever growing “To Do” list!!!

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