Missing – But Definitely Not Idle (Yarning Along 16).

It’s that crazy-busy point in the summer term again. Art Exhibition preparations, report writing, testing, transition days, the “where will we all be next year?” saga, sports days, inset days, plus all the other non-work related activities. It really is a bit bonkers and I feel worn out. So yes, I’ve been missing from this blog but definitely not idle…. a bit like those women in my book… The Waterways Girls by Milly Adams.


These are some examples of the wonderful artwork created by children locally. They are all on sale to raise money for Macmillan as part of our local artweek. Over the years our schools exhibition has raised approximately £5,500.



I have also completed my socks. They were well travelled before ever being worn. They went to Aberdeen, they went camping and to the beach. But now they will have to wait until autumn because it’s far too warm to wear them now!!!

Back to The Waterways Girls…. You remember I said the pace improved…. well further on in the book the pace seemed to get even faster… as though the writer was rushing to finish it. Shame. The middle section was descriptive yet moved along nicely. The end felt a bit jumpy and focussed on finishing the plot. Still I did enjoy it and I would like to read the sequel. I liked the characters and they improved as the story continued. I’d like to find out what happens to them. The end also felt a bit like a start…. a new chapter in their lives was about to begin.

Now I’m reading The Sewing Machine by Natalie Fergie, recommended by the lovely Avis. If I had the opportunity I would definitely buy an old Singer sewing machine. I remember my Mum having one when I was small so this book really appeals to me. So far each chapter has been from a different period in time and a different characters viewpoint. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along.


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