Small Things (Yarning Along 12).


We are back to school, back to work and back to busy. Having returned to work I had a request from the gardening gang – did I have any items for their stall at the Autumn Fair???

Last year I donated some of my original bag designs – I don’t know if you remember the little patchy houses (look here and here), and there were other designs too (look here). They had sat around upstairs for so long I decided to put them to good use and took them in to work. They didn’t even make it to the fair! They were snapped up by my colleagues (they paid for them of course, with the gardening gang reaping the benefits).


With the fair only a few weeks away I thought I better get going and decided to whip up some crocheted roses for them (the pattern can be found here). I think they were hoping for more bags, but there’s been no time for sewing…. in fact I think the sewing machine is buried!!!

I am continuing with The Angels of Lovely Lane” by Nadine Dorries. So far it has been several different stories running parallel, but now the girls are arriving to start their nursing training and the stories are starting to intertwine.

Come and join us at Yarning Along with Rachell.

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