A Tale of Two Yarns (Yarning Along 11).

The first yarn of the two in this tale is of course my completed “Chocolate Box Shawl”. I can write about it properly now because it has been finished, blocked and gifted.

For so long I had been loving all the beautiful crochet shawls on Instagram and particularly those of Lisa Cook (@lisasattik). I had also been loving all the beautiful Scheepjes Whirl graduated yarns.

I decided I really need an excuse to make one, not being a very shawly person. Honestly I am even a bit rubbish with pretty, floaty scarves which look great on other people. I just can’t make them work.

I also decided that a crocheted shawl would make an excellent gift… a perfect excuse. So I got my pattern from Lisa on Ravelry, it’s the “Chocolate Box Shawl” and I got my hands on a Whirl in the Blueberry Bam Bam colour way, choosing carefully with my recipient in mind because her style is very different to mine (much more stylish, graceful and elegant). It all arrived perfectly in time for my holidays on the green boat and I was keen to start.

The pattern was very clearly written and easy to follow. I decided to make mine with the additional plain section included. The lace pieces grew very quickly because of all the holes. The plain pieces more slowly. I did make mistakes and did have to frog some of it to correct it – I think I must have been distracted by doing locks or something. But I really enjoyed watching the colours change throughout the yarn.


I washed and blocked the completed shawl on Monday – the first time I have blocked anything so large. It took an age to dry but was well worth it because it looked so much better afterwards, particularly the edging.

Today I gave it to it’s new owner and yes, she was very pleased. I hope I don’t get inundated with shawl requests now!!! I do think I will have to make more though.I did thoroughly enjoy making it and I would like to try some of Lisa’s other patterns and some of the other Whirl colour ways so I think there will be more shawls to come.

My second yarn is, of course, the story variety. I finished  “The Summer Seaside Kitchen” by Jenny Colgan. What a lovely book, I really enjoyed it. It has the potential to have sequels I think. I have started reading The Angels of Lovely Lane” by Nadine Dorries.

Little did I realise that she is the same Nadine Dorries who is an MP. Whilst I do not agree with much of her politics I will give her book a go. I’m not keen on the title but I will ignore that too for now (they are not actual angels, shame about the “Lovely”ness – I do not like that word, it gets very overused – a bit like “nice”). Check back to see how I get on with it.

Know any good “yarns”??? Tell us at Yarning Along with Rachell.

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