Cake and Crochet (Yarning Along 10)

There hasn’t been so much “yarning” since I got home. There has been a little though. I have almost finished one of my holiday wip’s. It needs a good blocking so photo’s will follow soon once that has been done.

This week has mostly been about Thing 1’s birthday. He’s an official teen now. He was quite pleased to get to “Facebook Age”.

His cake was a challenge but I managed to surprise myself by making it work. The key was to let the melted chocolate “glue” cool to a sticky consistency once it had been melted. It also helped to empty the fridge totally. Then I could put the cake in to cool it and help the chocolate set quickly before the Malteasers fell off! I need to remember to use a different sponge recipe though. The one I usually use is delicious and moist but too soft for things like this. It tends to start falling apart. I need a slightly more solid cake. Plus I need simple but impressive cake ideas for Thing 2 in time for October…. any ideas anyone???


I am thoroughly enjoying reading “The Summer Seaside Kitchen” by Jenny Colgan. I will be sad when it ends. It might be light and fluffy but it is well written and has a good pace. I like the characters and the setting too. Join Yarning Along with Rachell and tell us about your “yarning”.

8 thoughts on “Cake and Crochet (Yarning Along 10)

  1. There you go Trish seriously easy. First one is any cake in an aluminium baking tray with gooey icing and then crushed biscuits and blue sugar bits all sitting in a cat litter box with a pooper scooper. Second one is a chocolate brownie round cake in a big pasta bowl with icing squirted on to look like spaghetti, puréed raspberries for the sauce and Ferraro rocher meatballs. Oh and grated white chocolate for cheese.

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