The one where… I finally managed to catch my breath (Yarning Along 8).

July continued in the same crazy way it started. But we have reached the end of term and I have caught up with myself a little. We broke up on Tuesday. I spent Wednesday recovering from the celebrations! And Thursday and Friday I have spent catching up with the chores that had got a bit neglected during the madness. Now I can relax a little before we get organised to go on the boat (can’t wait!!).

This first set of photos are some of the art works from the exhibition that I help to organise at work. Every year we take part in the local Artweek – there are exhibitions throughout the town from amateur and not so amateur artists. The art is for sale and much of the profits go to Macmillan. Our exhibition shows art work from primary school children in the area. Their pieces are sold for £10 each and all the money goes straight to Macmillan. This year we raised £430 taking the total raised over the years to £5,500. We work really hard on the pieces of art for the exhibition to make sure they all sell. The pictures below (and the one above) were all done by  children aged 7 – 8 years. I would be very happy to have some of those framed and on my wall.

I have managed to pick up my yarny projects again and am slowly getting back into the swing of all things fluffy. The freeform thing is still growing around the edge – I may need more grey yarn and I’m wondering about borders too.

I learnt how to twist my handspun yarns into skeins a little while ago so then had to rewind them all. The skeins are good because you can see all the colours in the yarn whereas with a ball you only see the outside layer. They also look much prettier. The two on the left were my first handspun singles. The three on the right are experiments – one is a single (on the left), the middle is my first attempt at plying (I really like its nubbly texture), and the one on the right was an attempt at “auto-wrapping” the yarn, although looks more like it was plied than wrapped. I used a sparkly silver thread in that one. I think I need to build up my fluff stash in order to experiment more – different colours and textures.


The final two pictures below are some recent additions to my yarn stash. I was given a gift voucher for our LYS and remembered I needed to use it (just in time as it was about to expire!) and this is what I got – some divine Noro (gorgeous colours but not something I would usually buy as it is quite expensive) and some interesting Adriafil Muffin yarn which was a bargain because they were the last balls in the shop (I love the texture). No idea what I will use them for yet.

I did quickly finish  “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd. It was excellent and I will definitely look out for more of her books. I would highly recommend it.

I have since started “Mad Girl” by Bryony Gordon which is “a shocking, funny, unpredictable, heart-wrenching, raw and jaw-droppingly truthful celebration of life with mental illness.” It’s not written in a story telling manner – more like she is remembering and chatting with us about her experiences, sort of autobiographical. I struggled with this chatty style a little at first, but I think I am overcoming this now, as its an interesting read and one I have to finish.

I’d love to know what you are working on and reading. Join Yarning Along with Rachell and tell us all about it.


6 thoughts on “The one where… I finally managed to catch my breath (Yarning Along 8).

  1. The Noro is lovely! Those are ”my colours’ through and through. I know what you mean; it’s expensive stuff isn’t it. The birds’ nest picture I would definitely have on my wall, how talented.
    According to my book journal I preferred The Mermaid Chair to The Secret Life of Bees, though I did like both. But I gave The Invention of Wings five stars, which rarely happens!

    • The whole class (not my class) did those birds nest pictures and they all came out brilliantly. I’m working with that teacher this coming year. They also did the cactuses. We did the wild flowers… Which also all came out very well.

  2. So glad you enjoyed the book, I thought it was so good, but like rachel really rated The Invention of Wings. Love your home spun yarn, so very pretty. I can’t believe those eggs were painted by a child, real talent there.

  3. You obviously have very talented children in the class. I couldn’t have done pictures as good as those at any stage! All your hand spun yarn looks very Impressive. I can never buy yarn without know why I want it. What sort of things would you make with one skein?

    • You could definitely do those paintings…. It’s just a case of knowing the steps and then building them up step by step. Very few teachers seem to teach it like that though which is a shame. There’s such a sense of achievement when they are finished. There are whole books about one skein patterns too.

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