The one where… I had no time to write a blog post (Yarning Along 7).

The “short intermission” heralded the star of the crazy second half of the summer term at work. There is always so much going on… trips, sports days, report writing, assessment week, the art exhibition. Add in all the extra, outside-of-work, summer events… a weekend away for a family party in Scotland, Cubs and Beavers things, family visits, gigs, festivals. Mr P has been away a lot, visiting his Dad. I have loads to write about but no time to write.

The yarn has been abandoned due to the super-busy-ness, which then results in super-tiredness and a reluctance to pick up my hook, needles, yarn or fibre. I am thinking about yarny things though – I’ve been watching a few spinning tutorials on You-Tube. I’ve a longing to pick up my drop spindle but know I should really be proof-reading reports.

I did have a go at the spaghetti cake from the book I mentioned here. You can see the results up there. It was good – I shall make it again.

I did also finish “The Plague Charmer”. Having no new book organised to read next, I resorted to downloading a couple of Kindle books, one of which I am already over halfway through and enjoying it immensely. It’s called “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd. I would definitely recommend it.

Grandma P has been very busy and surprised me with some wonderful gifts for the boys. She has been working away in secret at her patchwork and has made four (yes four!!) king-sized quilts, one for each grandchild. They are now all complete so she gave them all out recently. Not only did she make four that were all king-sized… they were also double sided, meaning that there were different patchwork designs on each side and she also tried to make them appropriate to each child…..

So these are both sides of my boys quilts. Sadly I have no photos of their cousins quilts, which are equally beautiful. Perhaps if she sends me some photos I can show you. I’m totally blown away by them. They are proper heirlooms which will no doubt be treasured. They are already loving sleeping under them.

I’d love to know what you are working on and reading. Join Yarning Along with Rachell and tell us all about it.

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