A Short Intermission (Yarning Along 6).

This week we have mostly been camping…

The weather was stunningly gorgeous at the end of last week as we broke up for the half term holiday. And it stayed that way… until we went camping on Sunday. Long enough for us to pack the car, travel and put the tent up. The following day was damp, or drizzly, or downright wet at times. We had an outing to Hawes, to the Wensleydale Creamery, to taste and buy cheese. Lots of cheese!! It seemed like a dry option. It did dry up enough in the evening for a campfire (and midges). The next day was slightly better and we had our train outing and ice cream. I had to eat cake for my lunch as there was nothing vegetarian! (There were more midges that evening too. And a whole gang of them waiting for us to come out of the tent in the morning). And then we came home and the sun came out again… Of course! (And now I am itching).


We all sleep in the same compartment in the tent – it’s very cosy. We all go to bed at the same time and Mr P reads to us all, once we are tucked up. This means we have to have a book that is suitable for everyone and this is one of LJ’s current books. He usually has several on the go at once and picks the one he feels like reading at the time. I have tried to encourage him to read one at a time but he likes it like this. We always read to him at bedtime and this is the current bedtime book, so Mr P and I knew what was happening in the story and could explain it to Big J. It does mean that I didn’t get any of my book (“The Plague Charmer” by Karen Maitland) read, but I am back to it now we are home.

I also got a few more rows of granny stitch done whilst sitting round the campfire – the BEST place to crochet. And now it smells of campfire (like us and our hair and the coats and the tent and…) so will need washing. The socks have been put down again so no progress there. Right, I better get back to that washing…

I’d love to know what you are working on and reading. Join Yarning Along with Rachell and tell us all about it.

8 thoughts on “A Short Intermission (Yarning Along 6).

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  2. Oh so it’s a blanket now? Hurray! It’s nice with the grey border.
    Is that the same James Patterson who writes crime books? Simply Summer Street (I think it was) wrote about his audio book in her Yarning Along post. Funny that my friend got one of his when we went to the library on Tuesday. That’s my third JP even if it’s not the same, in a few days.

  3. James Patterson the adult books, manages to fill two shelves in the library where I volunteer. Typical camping weather, and its been so lovely since Wednesday. Lovely crochet, smoke and all!

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