Things are growing… slightly. (Yarning Along 5).

The plants have grown slightly…

I was super excited to find this tiny courgette at the weekend (top left). This is my first ever homegrown courgette. My neighbour said they were easy to grow so we bought a small plant a few weeks ago and here is our very first one. We also bought tomato plants and a mini cucumber plant. Never grown cucumbers before and spotted these teeny tiny things just today (top right). The other picture is of the pea sprouts which are coming on nicely.


Yarny things have grown too…. but only slightly.

The freeform panel has a few rows of granny stitch around it now…. Then I ran out of yarn and had to wait for a delivery. It’s here now so I can crack on with it again.

I have begun the heel flap on the socks now… Not that you can tell that from the photo really. I told you the growth was slight!!!

I am still continuing with “The Plague Charmer” by Karen Maitland. I did tell Rachell that I would not be very good at Yarning Along because I wasn’t a very fast reader but she assured me that it didn’t matter. I do read every night but sometimes I don’t even manage a whole chapter because I am too tired. I do get there eventually. You will just have to bear with me.

So here is a favourite kitchen book at the moment. The middle picture is sweet potato fishcakes with salsa and cucumber and feta salad. We have made it a couple of times now and enjoy it very much. The right picture is one I am looking forward to making… Sweet aubergine and tomato spaghetti cake. Sounds like it will be delicious with salad.

An update from last weeks book… I learned the chords for “Jolene” at the weekend and made up my own strumming pattern. I can’t play it properly… it’s all picky and too complicated, but I can sing along to it (I can’t always manage that with the other songs I can play – it’s just too much coordination!!). So I guess my guitar knowledge has grown slightly too.

I am Yarning Along with Rachell again. Come and join us and tell us about your yarns.

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