Music and Dancing. (Yarning Along 4).

Hello again! (I know…. AGAIN!!!).

Well since I was last here there has been some of this…

The Festival of Folk. I think the focus is supposed to be the music but I never manage to see any of that (… one day we will). The focus for us has always been the spectacle of the dancers and the parade. The weather let us down this year – it was grey and cold, but we had to join in because LJ was there with the Ukulele Orchestra (but drumming for them this time). The picture above is of a new dance group that joined in this year… I liked their style – their faces were painted like Day of the Dead sugar skulls.

The top-right picture is some of my own handspun yarn. I had a little play to see what it would look like when crocheted…. then pulled it out again. Just playing.

The final picture is of a gift for a friend who recently moved house. She said her colour scheme was neutrals (a bit out of my comfort zone). She was very pleased with it and says it matches well in her bedroom. It’s a good feeling, sharing handmade things with others.

Very recently I have filled in all the gaps with the freeform crochet and done some border on it. It’s looking good. There are a couple of places that could be improved but I am pretty happy with it. Still deciding what to do with it next. Thinking “garment” now.

The socks are growing too. At last the green is changing colour. I have taken them to work and done a couple of rows at lunchtime. Every little helps so they say.

I am still continuing with “The Plague Charmer” by Karen Maitland but new books this week are these “Little Black Songbooks”, which are on loan from BigLittleBro. Big J wanted to learn guitar and in an effort to encourage him I started to investigate it on You Tube and have ended up starting to learn myself!!! I’m getting quite good with a couple of Green Day songs and one REM song but there is lots of inspiration in these little books.

I am Yarning Along with Rachell again. Come and join us and tell us about your yarns.

6 thoughts on “Music and Dancing. (Yarning Along 4).

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  2. I really like that cushion Patch, actually love it I think, why do we feel that crochet always has to be brights and colourful? It’s so contemporary looking. I like the texture of the different stitches too.
    Bravo! Good post. (I’m addicted to saying bravo ATM. I mean it though.)

    • Contemporary looking is what I was going for – phew! I am pleased with it – neutrals are just not my taste. I liked the textures too. It could work in other colour schemes.

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