Confusion and antici…pation (Yarning Along 3).

This has been a confusing week of extra days off and things being on the wrong day but who can complain about extra days off?? Not me, because today is one – yay! I have already made a small dent in my “To Do” list and the sun is shining. There are yarn related things on that list for later today – hurrah!

Monday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK so everyone was off – we celebrated by going to the cinema to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and later finding popcorn in our underwear. Then Tuesday felt like Monday. Is there a word to describe the confusion following a Bank Holiday??? Someone should invent one. I never know what day of the week it is!! “Day-fusion” maybe?? “Day-fuddlement” perhaps? Yep, like that.

This week I am dayfuddled.

It didn’t help with Cubs and Beavers being on a different day too. But this weekend is exciting because it’s the Festival of Folk and Little J has a gig again. He’s performing with the Ukulele Orchestra on Saturday afternoon. I do LOVE the Festival of Folk. See here and here for past visits. Fingers crossed for good weather.

I have been working on my freeform crochet again this week, but I also picked up the two-at-a-time socks I started for Mr P. The socks have been neglected for some time. I find knitting boring – it doesn’t grow fast enough. I really want some mindless crochet that I can just fly along with but I need to finish some things first before I start anything else. I am hoping to get something finished later today but I will show you in a future post. Here are some pictures…


There has been some more tricky “filling-in” of the gaps, but there’s not so much left to do now. Getting rather excited about it here!!! Lots of sock knitting to do (snores quietly).

I am continuing with “The Plague Charmer” by Karen Maitland. It’s moving along – a mysterious woman has arrived and the first cases of the plague have struck the village. I want to know what is going to happen… which is always a good sign when reading.

I am Yarning Along with Rachell again. Come and join us and tell us about your yarns.

4 thoughts on “Confusion and antici…pation (Yarning Along 3).

  1. Day fuddled! Brilliant, it so does happen. But wait till you are retired which will happen one day, and then real befuddlement sets in. The best bit is being able to lounge around over breakfast! I absolutely love your free form crochet. Stunning. Socks… I am still too scared to try socks.

    • I get dayfuddled at Christmas too! If you follow Winwick Mum’s sockalong you’ll be fine, or get her book. They really aren’t as scary as they seem.

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