Yarning Along 2 (and two-wheelers).

I’m back again! Yes, I know it’s unexpected and surprising as pink snow.

I am Yarning Along with Rachell again and this week I have mostly been working on this….

I have actually managed to join some bits together and I think it’s looking OK. I am especially pleased with that triangular piece at the top of this post because I filled that in after I had joined those pieces together… tricky… and it looks ok too… Yay!!! There might have to be more of that kind of thing.

My book is “The Plague Charmer” by Karen Maitland. I haven’t read any of her books before. It just jumped off the shelf at me in the library. I’m a few chapters in now and it’s intriguing. I’m getting to know the characters, they are interesting and I’m enjoying it so far. It’s not going to be a super quick read though, I’ll probably have to renew it at the library so I don’t get a fine!!!

Today there is some of this going on….

This is the Tour de Yorkshire Sportive (i.e. the amateur cyclists). Approximately 5000 were taking part today on three different lengths of course… 45km, 75km and 100km. Both the 75km and the 100km came right through our little village this morning. Later today the professionals pass very close by too. Sadly I couldn’t join them because I can only push my bike up hills!!!!

Come and join us over at The Little Room of Rachell and tell us about your yarns.

5 thoughts on “Yarning Along 2 (and two-wheelers).

  1. That made me laugh and Mr when I read it out – at least you recognise your limitations!

    Your joining in the top picture is particularly impressive, wow it’s so neat but if it happened after the others were joined it must have been very very fiddly!

    • And you know what our hills are like!!!

      It was a little fiddly…. I had to keep stopping and putting it down to make sure it was fitting properly and was staying flat (-ish!). Much of the rest has been sewn together but I have a feeling there will be more in-filling to do. I really am just winging it!!!! No Rules Crochet…. like Australian footie!!!!

      • When I lived there I discovered I loved it….so violent and apparently no rules! Too many mullets at the time though!!!!

        Yes, no they’re mad thinking about the very steep hills.

        It’s impressively creative because there are no patterns to follow and is totally freeform. Must show you pics of my friend’s Cooked Breakfast blanket! I get random questions, when we meet in cafes to crochet, about how to make a baked bean and does the rasher of bacon look the right sort of shape! It’s fab.

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