Yarning Along

Hello all!! Life got busy again, what a surprise!!!

Never fear, I am back and I am Yarning Along with Rachell today.

That means that I have to share something I am working on involving yarn and also something I am reading (the other kind of yarn – get it?!).

Well I have a few WIPs on the go but this week I have mostly been working on this again….

Trying to figure out how to join it all together and doing a lot of puzzling. Making a few bits to fill in the gaps and wondering if thats the right way to go. Time will tell.

I have just finished (last night) reading “Nightshade” by Helen Harper. I chose this because I was wanting to try something new and different, and because it was cheapy on Amazon for Kindle at the time (that always helps!). I had been reading chick lit type stuff for a while and missing my Game of Thrones (still waiting for the next installment) so decided to investigate the SF/Fantasy section. I quite liked the main premise of the book, that certain people could “travel” to another place while they were asleep in the real world… plenty of potential for adventures there. I also liked the main character, Zoe. It is the first of a series and the ending certainly felt like it wasn’t really the end. It was an easy and enjoyable read and I would like to read the next one but I’m not sure if I want to pay full price for it on Amazon… I might watch out to see if it pops up on offer. On to something new tonight.

Come and join us over at The Little Room of Rachell and tell us about your yarns.


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