Sunday (Almost) Sevens #4

Have you guessed that I like to break the rules!?? This time it is Sunday…. but I only have five photos of six items. There is a seventh but no photo. They are mostly crochet related too. Since finishing the enormous ripple blanket I have had an urge to crochet lots of little things.

Firstly, a tiny granny hottie for LJ’s sore tum. It’s a bit garish but he chose the colours. It is half the size of a normal hot water bottle…. perfect for him.

Next I used up some more of the random grey yarn that I used for the wrist warmer thingies to make a matching slouchy hat. It turned out ok – I like the fake rib and the patterns going around it but I am not so keen on the top/back. I might have to add a pom to finish it off. Mr P and Big J have asked for slouchy hats now although I think I will try another pattern.

I planned a secret thing for a friend and had to wait for the yarn to arrive so decided to have another go with my freeform crochet from the summer. I had been reading about overlay crochet on the web and was keen to try it. I figured it would be another technique that would create a different texture and add more interest to the freeform pieces (I have a problem with calling them “scumbles”) I had already made. The heart is the overlay piece and came from this pattern with extra rounds added. The triangle started from a pattern in this book but then evolved into something else and the flower was my own totally random invention.

And then there is the secret thing – lots of textural stitch combinations and a neutral colour scheme. It’s growing quickly.

And the seventh thing????….. I am extremely proud to report that I have finally succeeded in making successful Yorkshire Puddings. Up until now they have never risen very much but last weekend I made MONSTERS!!! They were huge. Tonight we are having a rerun but with Haggis because it was Burns’ Night earlier in the week. Call it Scottish/Yorkshire fusion food!! The successful recipe came from here but was recommended to me by a friend. There is no picture because we were too hungry to wait so you will just have to take my word for it.

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week. (Introduced to me by Thimberlina and invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins).


5 thoughts on “Sunday (Almost) Sevens #4

    • I would have taken a picture of tonight’s attempt….. But they rose so much they stuck to the top of the oven!! I will put them lower next time. And take a photo for you.

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