Something New…. Spinning!

OOOOooooooo I am excited to share this with you!!!

Probably due to my experiments with freeform crochet (and my Instagram addiction) I have developed an unrequited love of art yarns. There are some yarn shops local to me but none stock anything like the beautiful art yarns I have seen around the interwebz.

I also love learning a new skill so I added a spinning kit to my Christmas wish list thinking I would have a go at making my own. I decided that even if I was rubbish at it and it came out all lumpy and bumpy I would be able to get away with it if I called it “art yarn”.

Mr Patch was an absolute star and read my wish list and I got my spinning kit….. Yippee!!! Once the Christmas madness was over I decided to have a go. I was a bit intimidated at first. There was a sheet of instructions in the box but when I read them it was like a foreign language…. “drafting”, “worsted method”, pre-drafting”, “roving”, “staple length”, “leader yarn”….. Enough to put anyone off!!!!!

I decided I needed to see someone doing it so off I went to You Tube. I watched LOTS of videos about how to use a drop spindle and when I felt a little more confident I had a try….. And guess what?…. It’s not so hard at all really.

Now don’t get me wrong….. I am not saying I am an expert now or that I am even good at this (or that I am even doing it right for that matter!!). No. I am just doing it. Having a go. And making some yarn!!!!! Wooooohoooooo!!!!

At first I started off waaaaaayyyy too thin I think. And waaaaayyyyy too twisted also. But I think things have improved as I have gone on. My yarn has become thicker but acceptably so. There are lumps and bumps but on the whole they are not too noticeable. It has become a more even thickness and less crazily twisted.

I have “set the twist” of my first spindle-full and have one ball of my own handspun yarn!!!! I am so excited about it!!!!! (Can you tell?!!)

I have started on my second spindle-full. I will need some more pretty coloured fluff very soon. I feel a bit of shopping coming on!!!


I still have lots to learn though. Having read around the web I have realised that there is a whole load of science to this spinning lark and you can get very technical about it if you choose to. Not that I will get that far. But there is still plenty for me to learn. What I have made is known as a “single” (single ply). Next time I might have a go at “plying”.

I am getting quite keen to turn my new homemade yarn into something. I am thinking it might be something fairly plain to let the colours and texture of the yarn shine through. Watch this space.


7 thoughts on “Something New…. Spinning!

    • The fluff I have used so far all came with my drop spindle in the kit. As far as I know there isn’t anywhere close to me that sells spinning supplies but no doubt if I travel to Leeds or Manchester there would be somewhere (about an hour away). Otherwise there are beautiful things online.

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