What do you call them??….. You know what I mean though.

These were inspired by things mentioned here. And also by the fact that I have a gorgeous poncho that Grandma Patch bought for me a couple of Christmases ago, which I love to wear on those beautiful, cold and bright winter days. But I do get chilly arms and wrists, especially when the sleeves are shorter on my clothes underneath it. So I had a good look around the interwebz and even started a pattern but then frogged it because it was coming out far too small. In the end I chose this pattern. Strangely enough I had the book from the library a while ago too, but at the time I was impressed by some crocheted slippers which I have yet to make.

So I started these just before Christmas and of course they got a little neglected during the festivities but I picked them up soon after and finished them. The yarn is a random acrylic which Grandma P found in a cupboard (a half finished project) and donated to me. There is plenty left…. maybe I should do a hat?

I love the length, that they go right up to my elbow. If I am wearing long sleeves they are usually pushed up to my elbows… anything else feels strange. I also love the wrinkly, slouchy bit. They look great with jeans and the grey goes well. However I do think I should have put the yarn next to the poncho before I started. I remember thinking “the poncho is black and white so grey will go”….. classic mistake. Yes, the correct shade of grey would look fantastic but this, sadly, is not the correct shade of grey.

Nevermind. I still love them. They are very snuggly. I find myself wearing them in the house when I get chilly. I have worn them under my coat too (my coat is also grey!). And until I make another pair in a better colour I will wear them with my poncho.

So there we are…. my first completed item of 2017. Hurrah!!!

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