…. and Forwards.

A new year. Like opening a brand new notebook, full of clean, fresh pages waiting to be filled. A brand new notebook full of hopes, dreams and possibilities. Offering plenty of time and lots of optimism.

Hopefully you have seen my “Backwards” post. That’s about as much looking back as I will do. It’s good to remind yourself of the fun you had, the interesting experiences and successful creations. When a similar experience comes around again I will consider how I would improve things, but not until I get there.

So 2016 brought a lot of fun and interesting experiences – some new and some improved. There were two completed crochet blankets, two pairs of hand knitted socks, two “bursts” of freeform crochet and several smaller crochet projects too. (And I thought I hadn’t been very productive this year!).

But back to looking forwards… as ever I am trying to keep my plans to a manageable, achievable level. This allows for a greater chance of success and less of the sinking feeling you get when you realise you’ve completed very few from you incredibly optimistic New Year “To Do” list – there’s nothing worse than that!

There are plans for creativity (and therefore blog posts), some of which are already underway – yay!!!

There are personal plans and home-based plans to work on as well (work plans are set at work in September so none needed here).

So here’s to a fresh start, a new beginning.

May your hopes and plans be hugely successful and may 2017 be a fantastic year for each and everyone of you.





11 thoughts on “…. and Forwards.

  1. Sounds a very sensible approach. Have you found that the normal WordPress Reader doesn’t work anymore and that you need to access posts from emails? I have been waiting for it to work again but maybe it is only me that has the problem.

    • Seems to work here. Often it’s a bit clunky on the iPad but still there. I have other issues with wordpress just now…. Parts of my posts seem to be appearing on accidentally on another blog (not wordpress)…. Total weirdness. Not sure how or why it’s happening!?!?

      • I finally discovered that the problem was Firefox and Microsoft’s Edge browser was okay though starting writing a comment is tricky for some reason. Sorry to hear you have issues too. Modern life can be so complicated!

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