Socks for Big J

Hello Yarn Ninjas, I am here with a retro socky “Taadaaahh!” moment today. Here’s my sock knitting history:-

The first pair I ever attempted were for me and were finished at the beginning of June 2015. You can read about them here.

My second pair were for LJ (because Big J had a blanket in the making). They were finished in February 2016 and I blogged about them here.

My third pair were for Big J – well you can’t make some for one child and not the other can you?! I bought the yarn at Ribbon Circus in Hebden Bridge waaaay back in July 2015, its Mondial Superwash Ciao.

I began them straight after I finished LJ’s pair and the first of the pair was completed at the end of April. I am not a fast knitter at all and progress was further slowed by some experiments with free form crochet. In May we went camping near Harrogate and the knitting came too. We had an excellent time – I love campfire knitting. I might need to do a post about that trip.

By the end of July they were finished and Big J was very pleased with them. Mr Patch is pleased too because he knows Big J is still growing so he might inherit the socks when they are too small for Big J. Of course I have started the next pair of socks… for Mr Patch this time. I taught myself how to do two at a time before I started Mr Patch’s pair but it doesn’t mean they are growing any faster!!! Next time I think I might try a different pattern. I am getting adventurous with my sock knitting now! If you are interested in trying to knit some socks I would highly recommend the Winwick Mum Sockalong.

There were no Sunday Sevens this week as we are (again) a house of illness. LJ has chicken pox and I have had a horrible cold. He’s over the worst now but we are waiting for all his blisters to scab over so he can go back to school. It seems to be taking forever. Big J has not had chicken pox so I am predicting he will get it next week… joy!!

I will be back very soon with a much more recent “taaadaah” to show you… I am just waiting for the sun to come out so I can take photos….. very excited!!!




9 thoughts on “Socks for Big J

  1. Those socks are fabulous, and I do like that stripy yarn. You know that your family are never going to want to wear bought socks ever again now, don’t you … a good excuse to go yarn shopping, I say! 🙂 xx

    • That bit is definitely a challenge. Takes a bit of concentration and no interruptions but makes a gorgeously smooth toe in the end. I have messed it up and had to struggle to undo it several times!!

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