Sunday Sevens #2

Thank you for all your comments and likes last week, it is most reassuring to know that you are there and you are reading (despite my slovenly blogging behaviour!!!). So this week….

It has been a rather quiet (well, as quiet as it normally gets) week in Patchland, but quiet is good. I have a suspicion it is the calm before the storm that is Christmas and everything that comes with it. There was a sudden realisation halfway through the week that there are only three more weeks of school left before the holidays start and in my usual disorganised style I have not done a single thing towards sorting out Christmas. Eeeek!!!

The beginning of the week brought torrential rain and some flooding. I live on a hill but other local areas were underwater, particularly near where I work. The building wasn’t flooded but we arrived on Tuesday to discover there was no heating or hot water. Investigations discovered that water had got into the gas supply pipe and it would need to be excavated and repaired. We soldiered on for Tuesday and Wednesday with the children only having sandwiches for lunch (with paper plates) and washing hands with hand sanitiser. But the work was to continue until the weekend so school closed for Thursday and Friday for pupils. Staff still had to go in. We got lots done but it was pretty chilly hence the gloves. We will be open on Monday.


I have been cracking on with Big J’s blanket. A couple more rows, to get to a suitable finishing point, and it will be done. Just some edging and end sewing left to do. It’s bigger than him (and therefore me) so I think it’s big enough! I want to start something new. Tempted by wrist warmers after this weeks experiences!

LJ has been suffering from tummy aches recently. Not sure why. It’s very stressful. He has been anxious and I think it could be related. But it could be a lot of things too. He’s been enjoying the granny hottie this week. One of the things which has been worrying him is his swimming lesson. He refused to go this week. We have had a big chat about it all and he says he will go next week. No one told me I’d have to be a psychologist before I got pregnant!!!

I’ve finished my library book – “The Dressmaker of Dachau”. It was an quick and easy read. The plot was ok but I struggled with the main character, her actions and her motivation. She came across as not very intelligent/sensible and selfish/reckless which made it difficult to like her or feel sorry for her. The Kindle book I have started is confusing me at the moment so I will save my judgement for later.

Tell me about your week?? Any highlights??

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week. (Introduced to me by Thimberlina and invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins).


7 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #2

  1. We mostly stayed home last week. I tackled the chaos in my basement and made things a little more orderly, but not by much. We had Thanksgiving dinner Thursday (which equates to pie for breakfast for at least 3 days following). The grocery store brought in some exceptional pineapples, and so we have pineapples all over our counters right now.

    Life is not super exciting at the moment (but that’s okay!). I expect to see a degree of insanity arrive in another week or so. Christmas, here we come!

  2. Lovely post, thank you. 🙂
    Anxiety is a dreadful thing – keep talking to LJ about what precisely is making him anxious re the swimming. As soon as he can verbalise it, he’ll be better able to deal with it. xxx

    • We have been chatting a lot about it. I found some good internet links about anxiety in children. I remember feeling like that when I was a child. Not nice.

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