Taking Stock 30.04.16

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Patchland. I need to catch my breath. And it’s a very long time since I did this (in fact it’s two years!). Might be fun to look back and compare!

  • Making : Progress with the freeform and socks.
  • Cooking : Banana Breakfast Bars from Deliciously Ella Everyday.
  • Drinking : A lot of tea.
  • Reading: The girl with all the gifts – M. R. Carey – just started it and I am loving it so far.
  • Wanting: More hours in the day.
  • Celebrating: The fact that the kitchen work is underway at last.
  • Looking: For tiles and a fridge-freezer for the kitchen when it’s done.
  • Playing: Hama beads, pokemon cards, and Scene It (Pop music version).
  • Wishing: Big J would stop growing – he put his shoes on to go back to school after being off for four weeks… and they were too small… so he had to wear a pair of Mr P’s shoes for the day!!!!
  • Enjoying: Everyone being back to work and school properly (we have had a full four weeks of illness!!).
  • Liking: Lighter evenings and the smell of spring in the air.
  • Stroking: New yarn I got at the yarn shop in the big town last weekend.
  • Loving: The new books I got with my birthday amazon vouchers.
  • Cleaning: The huge amount of dust that came down when the kitchen ceiling was removed.
  • Marvelling: At Hannah Martian’s freeform crochet – you can read about her and see some of her work here.
  • Needing: To finish clearing out the kitchen before the work continues.
  • Wearing: Usually leggings at the moment (my middle is feeling wobblier than usual!).
  • Knowing: I will have to get on with some organisational stuff for the Children’s Art Exhibition for Art Week when I get back to work this week.
  • Admiring: Some of my colleagues lovely clothes! I need to shop for me.
  • Buying: New shoes for Big J!!
  • Bookmarking: A new (to me) instagram feed mrs_angemi – do not look here if you are at all squeamish. She’s a pathologist who posts truly gruesome but very scientifically interesting pictures.
  • Wondering: Where I got this morbid curiosity from? It’s not new – I have always been like this!
  • Pondering: Am I a forensic pathologist in a parallel universe???
  • Feeling: Exceptionally glad it’s a long weekend.
  • Snacking: Slimming World Hi Fi bars on account of the wobbly middle!
  • Helping: Big J with his art homework (a collage of someone he admires)…. it’s looking amazing. Can you tell who it is???
  • Hearing: Wolf Alice, The Joy Formidable.

Having worked very hard so far today, clearing cupboards and shelves and baking, I am off to chill with my knitting and attempt to graft the toe of that sock (hmmm maybe not so chilled!). This post is my version of one of Pip Lincoln’s, from Meetmeatmikes. You can see her version here. And here is my post from two years ago if you want to compare. It’s good to take stock once in a while.


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