Something New…

Recently, a new crochet group started up nearby. I was very keen except for one problem… it was on the only night that I already had something on. I went to the first session and thought I would try and squeeze it in, go alternate weeks or something. Needless to say it hasn’t worked very well and I have pretty much given up trying to go. Never mind, no doubt there will be other similar things.

On the plus side, it has broadened my crochet horizons. One evening we were chatting about hyperbolic crochet and that inspired me to have a try when I got home. I googled and found various tutorials and managed a couple of little hyperbolic pieces… but then frogged them as I was just playing and experimenting.

From there and with more googling I started looking into freeform crochet. I found a few tutorials for basic shapes (here) and off I went…


I started with spirals and nautilus shells. After that I moved on to paisley shapes with inspiration from here. I know it kind of defeats the object of freeform crochet by following a pattern to make shapes, but I needed some kind of starting point. Once I had a few bits made I could start joining them together somehow.

I have sort of ended up with two different pieces on the go. There’s this one…


I didn’t follow any patterns for this, just invented it as I went along. It was my first attempt at a paisley shape with no pattern and I think it looks like a drunken number nine…. or possibly an underdeveloped letter g!!! My bullion stitches need a bit of practice but seem to be improving. I like the colours of this better.

Then there is also this…


Pretty pleased with this so far. The paisley here is from the link above and the spiral is from the first link. I have to confess that I completed the picot round then thought “how on earth am I going to join this with all these little picots around it?” but it was easier than I thought. I am planning to join the smaller paisleys pictured above onto this somehow. I think I need to add some other textural stitches as it all seems quite flat at the moment. And I’m considering making this into a notebook cover at present.

The whole process has been a bit like doodling but with a hook and yarn instead of pen and paper. Perhaps I should draw my doodle first and then try to recreate it with yarn… maybe I’ll try that next. However it wouldn’t be so “free” and experimental. It’s definitely a learning curve but I love learning. It’s been a challenge keeping it flat too, not letting it turn into hyperbolic crochet. I shall continue and let you know how I get on.


10 thoughts on “Something New…

  1. This looks brilliant, I can imagine that it’s lots of fun to do. I’d be interested to see how you progress with this technique as it gets bigger.

  2. Crochet meets art , love it and your colour combination. Good luck. I tried free form knitting and loved it, especially when I started mixing yarn weights!

    • Yes, it’s a real shame but I need to grow my yarn stash to include some interesting bits and pieces. I didn’t have any kind of plan when I started and just grabbed my bag of cottons and this is how it came out.

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