Quality Time…

Well, the schools have just gone back here this week after our Easter break. I would truly love to post lots of interesting photos from exciting outings… but I can’t! We have been a house of illness here in Patchland… and it still continues. LJ was very poorly for most of the holiday (a virus that turned into a chest infection) and Big J seems to have got it too now so hasn’t gone back to school yet. So it’s fair to say that there has been a distinct lack of quality time and exciting holiday action here but let’s try to count our blessings…

… I got lots of cuddle time on the sofa with movies, crochet and knitting.

… I am off work today because Big J is off school so I have time to write blog posts.

… We did manage some quality time with some dear friends before the lurgy struck.

And that is what this post is about. Our boys are similar ages and generally get along very well but only occaisionally see each other as we don’t live near. My boys really look forward to seeing their friends and get quite excited when they know it’s planned. Our Easter school holidays haven’t matched up this year but we did manage to get together over the Easter weekend before LJ became ill. On Good Friday we had a small expedition for a walk and an ice cream… although we did it in reverse so that we got to the ice cream farm before it closed. Then we walked, threw stones, climbed trees, spotted birds and enjoyed the sunshine. Here are the photos…

On the Saturday the weather was forecast to be wet so we went to The Carding Shed and enjoyed the cars, a bit of shopping and some yummy lunch and lots of general retro-ness. We did have a lovely time… and did plan our next meet up so we have something to look forward to.

Now I’m off back to the sofa for some more snuggles then I shall write the crochet post that I promised you last time. Hope you and yours are all happy and well.


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