Socks for LJ

Apologies Yarn Ninjas, time ran away with me again. At last here is the promised sock post. LJ has been enjoying wearing these for a while now.

They are better than the first pair too. I did a better job of picking up the stitches after completing the heel with this pair.

I have a confession to make here. With the first pair I did not know what “pick up stitches” meant. I was keen to get on so carried on without stopping to find out what it meant. I imagined it meant just pick up some loops on to my needle so that’s what I did (I can hear you experienced knitters chuckling out there …. remember I’m not much of a knitter). It was very tricky as the stitches were quite tight and it took a bit of wrestling. I remember thinking on my second sock “there has to be an easier way to do this”!! It makes me giggle to remember it now. When it came to LJ’s socks I got to that part of the pattern and suddenly thought “I wonder if I am supposed to knit the picked up stitches on to the needle??”!!


It was a small lightbulb moment. (Still giggling here). In the long run it doesn’t matter at all because I still have a very wearable pair of socks… both ways work… but the second way is FAR easier!!!! It also producers neater, tighter stitches too which is why LJ’s pair is better.

Heh! You live and learn from your mistakes!!!

So there they are in all their glory. Toasty toes for a small boy. The yarn is Wendy Roam Fusion and the shade is “Pike”.

Of course the first sock of next pair are on the needles and this pair is for Big J. Progress has been slowed by crochet distractions but more of that next time.


7 thoughts on “Socks for LJ

    • It is a sock yarn. They seem fairly soft. Not the softest, fluffiest yarn ever but not scratchy at all. Christine (Winwick Mum) recommends that yarn for socks should have some nylon added to make it more hardwearing… this does. It would be a great shame if they wore out quickly after all the hard work of making them. Perhaps the fact that it needs to be hardwearing prevents it from being the softest fluffiest yarn ever??

      • I’ve made quite a few pairs in various sock yarns but can’t wear them because I can feel the stitches under my feet. So I’m always on the look out for the softest of sock yarn with a little nylon. I really enjoy making them and love all the lacy patterns.

      • I know what you mean. I just put my toes in one to test for you! They are better than the previous pair I made which was Drops Fabel yarn, you can feel the stitches less… but you can still feel the texture. So maybe not for you.

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