Get wellies oot!!!!….(in a Yorkshire accent)!!!

It was half term last week so we were out and about and up to mischief. LJ had a sleepover with the Cubs at The Deep in Hull. He was quite excited to be sleeping next to the shark tank!!! Mr Patch went too as a Beaver leader and said they had a an excellent guided tour and got to ask lots of interesting questions. Big J had a (no) sleepover at home with a friend because he was missing out on the fun. After that we whizzed straight off to the Lakes to visit Grandma Patch. We got to the beach on Thursday. It was freezing cold so hats, scarves, gloves and wellies were required but the sun was out for a while.

We stayed until Big J got soaked when he slipped off a stone and landed in a puddle. It was far too cold to hang around in wet clothes. Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us after that – wet, foggy, cold and grey. We entertained the boys with trips to the swimming pool and bowling and I got a lot of sock knitting done. Grandma fed us very well as usual (lots of cake) and we had a lovely relaxing time.

We left on Sunday, stopping off in Lytham on the way home to celebrate a family birthday with a delicious meal in a posh hotel. Then it was straight back to work and school and the usual business. There are only four weeks left now until the easter holidays which is a cheery thought. The socks are finished, by the way, and the next pair is on the needles. There will be another post along very soon about socks.


3 thoughts on “Get wellies oot!!!!….(in a Yorkshire accent)!!!

  1. Lovely photos! I can’t wait for the next time we visit our coast.

    Also, I found the tote with all my yarn! So now I have that AND my hooks. Just a matter of time before I put the two together again…

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