A trip to… Fountains Abbey

Picture this… it’s the beginning of the half term holidays, we are up and have had our breakfast, we’ve also had the “what shall we do today” conversation but not really been inspired. Then the phone rings… it’s BigLittleBro wondering if we want to go to Fountains Abbey with them. That’s the decision made then. I love it when that happens.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue as we left. It’s about an hour’s drive from us. BigLittleBro had been before at nighttime to get photos of it all lit up but we hadn’t visited before. What an amazing place. If you like ruins it has to be one of the biggest and best. The Abbey itself is very large and there are lots of grounds to explore as well. Here are the photos…

If you want a closer look just click on the picture. As you can see we had very mixed weather but it added to the experience. It was freezing cold and I think we have all agreed to visit again when it’s warmer. It would be quite easy to take a picnic and spend the whole day wandering and exploring. If you would like to learn more then look here.


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