So while I was away from this blog I taught myself a new skill…. Sock Knitting!!! It’s something I have wanted to learn for years but have found it incredibly daunting. I’m not a great knitter. I can just about manage to cast on and off and can knit and purl but that’s about it. So when I heard about Winwick Mum’s Sockalong I decided I would have to join in. So I purchased yarn and needles and set to. I had decided to use a long circular needle (I couldn’t face multiple DPNs and couldn’t find any short circular needles) so I decided to work out the magic loop method before I started on the socks. I had a practice with some dusky pink yarn and cracked it with the aid of some you tube videos. Then it was straight on with the actual sock making.

Christine (Winwick Mum) explains it all very patiently and clearly and also has a facebook page specifically for the sockalong so that you can ask questions and post photos if you are stuck. I was a bit concerned about my gappy join at the top of the rib, but once it was finished and I sewed in the end of the yarn, the gappy bit couldn’t be seen. Step by step I managed each section of the sock. Some of it took a bit of concentration and a bit of puzzling about. There were a couple of other visits to you tube to work out Kitchener stitch (another daunting and intimidating thing that in the end wasn’t so hard at all).

Eventually I had a sock! I actually had made a sock!!! It spurred me on to get cracking on the second one. You can see it’s beginning up there on the photo and I even took it to the beach with me while we were away at half term. I do actually have a pair of beautiful, special, handknitted socks that I made for myself. They are almost too lovely to wear…. but I do wear them.


On a day out last year we stumbled upon a yarn shop and the boys chose a ball of sock yarn each so now I have a pair of socks on the go for LJ. Last night I finished the heel flap and did the heel turn and now I’m on to shaping the gusset (love that word!). That’s the back of the heel you can see in the picture. I have also discovered that socks make an excellent excuse for blanket procrastination (as if I need another excuse!)! Watch this space for progress…



16 thoughts on “Sockalicious

  1. Your socks look great. I too have fallen in love with the sock knitting, the yarn is beautiful and I’m enjoying the banter on the Winwick Mum knit and natter Facebook group.

      • I may give it another go, once I find my yarn. It’s all still packed away, but at least I know where the hooks and knitting needles are!

  2. They’re fabulous socks you’ve got there, and wearing them just gives you an excuse to knit more so that you’ve got one pair to wear and one pair to wash! 🙂 xx

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