A Double Tadaaahhh!…or…. The Tail of a Naughty Little Rabbit

No, it’s not a typo, I meant to write “tail” and not “tale”. It’s the “tail” because it’s the last thing you see as the rabbit is hopping away. And this rabbit has now hopped away.

Yes, the Peter Rabbit Blanket is finished and went off to it’s small owner recently (that’s tadaaahhh number one). It coincided nicely with a belated Christmas visit and it was a joy to see the little man again. Last time we saw him he was very tiny and not doing much but now he’s off and about doing an amazing commando style crawl. Little J was keen to play and got stuck in but Big J was very unsure of him so kept his distance (although he might have had a sneaky play with some of the toys… despite his age!).

Back to the blanket though… As usual I put it down for a while because I got a bit bored with it. There was a big chunk of last year where there was nothing yarny happening due to lack of inspiration, high workload and worn-out-ness (the usual suspects!). But as the nights drew in I picked it up again and made an effort to get it finished (I wonder how long it would take me if I did just get on with it??). It doesn’t matter that it’s taken a while because it has come out single bed sized so it will last him a good, long time. His Mum says he can take it to college when he goes.

I had decided I would crochet rows until there wasn’t enough yarn to continue and thought I would have to order more for the border. But then I thought… I’ll just check upstairs…. and I found exactly the right colours!

Here’s the gallery….

Can you guess what tadaaahhh number two is??? It’s this very blog post that you are reading right now. It needs a great big tadaaahhh because it’s been a while hasn’t it. I hope you are all keeping well. I never meant to disappear for so long, I guess real life got in the way for a while. You might have seen some of the photos above if you are an instagram follower. I’ve been around the interwebs a little but just never made it to WordPress for a while. I shall now attempt to mend my slovenly blogging ways. Anyone got a magic wand???


7 thoughts on “A Double Tadaaahhh!…or…. The Tail of a Naughty Little Rabbit

  1. I didn’t realise it was so big, it’s great I really like it Mrs P. Magic wand? Well my gentle encouragement, reminders, urging and nagging failed so I shall have to visit the Wand Shop! It’s great to see a post from you again, hip hip hurray!!!!!

    • Hmmmm. I wouldn’t say they have failed. Recent attempts have succeeded!! Oh, if only there was a wand shop…. the things I would do!!!

    • Thank you. Glad it’s not just me that gets bored. I think the next blanket I start will be done with blocks not rows…. A bit of variety.

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