The Peter Rabbit Blanket (and some broken bones).

This blanket has been planned for a while. It’s a cot blanket for new baby cousin who is expected in May. The rest of the nursery is decorated with a Peter Rabbit theme hence the theme of the blanket.

I spent a while choosing colours… blue for Peter’s jacket, browns for his fur and the soil in Mr MacGregors garden and green and yellow for the plants. Then I decided it definitely needed some cream… it being the overall background colour of the original books. I hadn’t wanted to put in cream or white as I was trying to get away from the traditional light coloured baby blanket, but it definitely needs it and doesn’t make it look traditional at all.

I chose the Cosy Stripe Blanket pattern from Attic 24, partly because I haven’t done a stripe blanket before but also because I didn’t want it too lacy… lacy blankets get twisted around little fingers.

My next problem was size… I looked all over to find some standard sizes for cot blankets but they all seem to vary. I didn’t want it to be a tiny, moses basket blanket which would only have a limited amount of use so decided to make it larger. I couldn’t get my starting chain to match the size that Lucy suggests in her post so mine will be what it will be (good job I don’t crochet clothes!!!).

I started it on Good Friday and it grew very quickly, but now I’m back at work and it’s been a mad week so progress has slowed. On Monday, his first day back at school, Big J/Stitch managed to break his finger playing tig in the playground at lunchtime.  Getting one of “those” phone calls is a parent’s worst nightmare. I certainly wasn’t expecting it on Monday but it could have been a lot worse and I am very glad it wasn’t. So Monday afternoon was spent at A&E (wishing I had crochet with me) and all day Tuesday (Mr P’s turn) was spent at Bradford Royal Infirmary getting a general anaesthetic to have it straightened and a cast put on. It was very tiring for all of us… lots of waiting around, lots of worrying… tiring and emotionally draining… so not much crochet progress. Things are getting back to normal now though. Big J/Stitch has been back at school although he can’t do any writing or sports and he has managed to play Minecraft on the xbox a little. It is getting him down at times (remind me to add “Emotional Manager” to my CV!) but he has another appointment in two weeks, so hopefully he can have his cast/splint/bandages off then…. just in time for his SATs (fortunately he has a scribe for them anyway!).

So the picture above, on the left, shows the current width of the blanket and I better get going because it’s nearly May and the baby will be here very soon… but will be so tiny will probably need those tiny blankets first… so it won’t matter if this is not quite finished… well, that’s my excuse!

Now… where’s my hook???


10 thoughts on “The Peter Rabbit Blanket (and some broken bones).

  1. Hope your son’s broken finger heals quickly, it must’ve been awful to get the phone call from the school. You’ve got a beautiful blanket on the go, baby blankets are a very satisfying project. Jean

    • It’s been quite hard getting hold of bandages, I guess there’s not much call for them so the shops don’t stock them!! Managed to get some today and tubigrip seems the best plan.

    • Me too! He’s off to Big Camp with the Scouts on Saturday morning for two nights…. Not sure I want to know what he manages to get up to there with his broken finger!!!

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