Five Small Things….

… we did in the Easter Holidays…

We haven’t been away this time but have enjoyed family visitors and some relaxing, quiet days at home.

1. A Track Day…

Mr P was given a Red Letter Day for his special birthday last year and had booked his experiences for these holidays. One of his choices was a microlight flight which was postponed on the day due to bad weather so he still has that to look forward to. The second was a track day and we were blessed with gorgeous weather. Grandma and Grandad patch were visiting and as they had contributed to the gift it was fitting for them to come and watch too. Mr P drove a Ferrari and the Ariel Atom in the picture above and there were plenty of other beautiful cars for us to enjoy watching too. Once we were done we found a country pub for lunch. Big J is already wishing for the same present for his birthday!!!

2. A Sunny Walk…

Over the Easter weekend we were blessed with some beautiful weather. We had a fairly quiet weekend, enjoying some unpressured family time. After our egg hunt and special lunch we enjoyed the sunshine with a local walk… followed by a visit to one of the village pubs!

3. New Crochet Beginnings…

With plenty of time for playing and relaxing I started the Peter Rabbit Blanket on Good Friday and it’s growing nicely… I’ll post more about it soon.

4. A Not-So-Sunny Walk…

It is still April and typically the weather is very changeable. Facebook reminded me that three years ago at this time the garden was buried by snow. Thankfully there’s none of that now (and let’s hope it stays like that… I have just washed and put away the winter hats, gloves and scarves!). This was a cold and windy walk near Ramsden Reservoir. We have walked there several times before but chose a different path this time and found a hidden stream which the boys had to investigate. It cut the walk short because LJ got wet, so we have resolved to go back again soon to find out where the path goes. Like most kids, the boys had been reluctant to go but thoroughly enjoyed themselves once they were out and the wind certainly blew the cobwebs away.

5. Played With Clay…

LJ used New Clay in school last year and then asked for some from Santa. We got it out yesterday and started creating. Big J got really into it and spent ages making his pot and lid and decorating it. LJ wanted to make a dolphin but found that rather hard so I had a go for him while he made and decorated a pot like his brother’s. In the process they chose some crafting alter-egos… Big J is Stitch and LJ is Woolly. They decided that Mr P can be Knit/Nit…. which amused them greatly!!!

How has your Easter been?? Have you been busy? Write a post and add your link below.


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