Five Small Things….

… that make me happy…

1. Pincushion Present….

I received this lovely pincushion from my dear blogging friend Rachell, whom I met with recently. She was up visiting Yorkshire and staying in a cottage near the sea, but took some time out to travel over to meet and visit some local places featured in Last of The Summer Wine. There was much chatting, some lunch and a spot of yarn shopping too.

2. World Book Day Tokens…

We went into the big town to spend out WBD book tokens recently. I always find buying books with the boys rather frustrating. It’s a bit of battle between them (who want to choose themselves) and me (who wants them to choose something good). Big J discovered the SciFi section and all the graphic novels and was pushing to get one of those. Little J was just struggling because he had too much choice. I found Stig of the Dump and would have liked someone to choose that. Big J eventually compromised and came home with the second in the Tom Gates series and Little J chose the first of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. They have both had their noses in them ever since. We have had to promise Big J we will research the graphic novels to find out which ones are suitable for him to read. Anyone out there know anything about graphic novels??? I am going to start buying them books as presents more often.

3. More Crochet Roses…

These were presents I made for other people. After making a couple of the large crochet roses recently I was keen to have a go at some small ones and here they are. In the process I have learned how to attach the brooch back and cover it with felt so that all my dodgy sewing is hidden and it looks much neater. One I sent to my Mum for Mothers Day and one was for Rachell and both have been received now so it’s safe to show you. Have a feeing I will be making more soon.

4. Yarn Acquisition…

I mentioned the yarn shopping when Rachell and I met up and this is the yarn I bought, some James Brett Marble Chunky in a lovely brown copper and teal colour variation. I also had a delivery from Wool Warehouse this week bringing some bits and pieces I had run out of and some yarn for the Peter Rabbit blanket. Sadly the Camel and Mocha colours were out of stock…. so I guess I will have to do some more yarn shopping very soon (I was very tempted to buy some self striping yarn for socks… but I really have enough projects on the go) !!!!

5. Knitting Club

I am loving this. I am relieved but also slightly saddened to say that numbers appear to be dwindling. It’s highly likely that it is because they keep forgetting to bring their knitting… Think I might send a message around next week to remind them. I think it’s going to be a long time before we have any finished items to show but we have had some small but wonderful successes which makes it all worth it. I am planning a post all about it this week.

Anyone feel like joining in with a Five Things post??? What Five Things make you happy/sad/angry…..??? The possibilities are endless. Write a post and add your link here.


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