My Top Five Crochet Boot Topper Patterns….

… That I Would Like To Try.

Having recently bought some new brown boots in a sale, I was disappointed to find that they do not come as far up my leg as I would like them to. It’s only a tiny bit, but it’s annoying. My solution…. I’ll crochet some boot toppers. Now I realise that this is not very topical as it’s getting a bit springy here at last. But it’s going in to Autumn in the southern hemisphere and it may be springy here but I reckon I will still be wearing my boots for a good while yet. When I recently met up with Rachell, a bit of yarn shopping was bound to happen (inevitable really!) so I chose some yarn for my boot toppers and resisted temptation otherwise. I bought some Marble Chunky in the brown and teal colour combination you can see above.

Then off to the interwebs I went, in search of inspiration. There are loads of patterns around, plenty of choice and pretty much a boot topper for every taste or occasion! Those of you who know me will know that I am not a fancy, frilly person so I was not looking for a lacy, intricate boot topper. Fairly plain, maybe some texture and possibly some buttons. So if you are looking for fancy, lacy or frilly, thanks for visiting and sorry I couldn’t help you…. It’s just not my thing. Here are my top five, in no particular order….


1. Honestly Simple Crochet Boot Cuffs


From One Artsy Mama, these really are simple to make and would be a perfect project for a beginner.

2. Warm and Comfy Boot Inserts

boot inserts a

Another super-easy pattern for a classic ribbed cuff, this is from Lacy Crochet.

3. Hello, Crochet Boot Toppers

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

A slightly more complicated pattern here from Hello, Handy Heart.

4. Reversible Crochet Boot Cuffs


These are the slightly fancier boot cuffs of the five. They have a pretty texture which gives a slightly scalloped edge in the photo above, but they are reversible and the other end is a plainer ribbed pattern… which is probably what I would have at the top. Check out the post on Inspired Nest to see more photos.

5. Maribel Boot Cuffs


These have a classic ribbed pattern with the addition of buttons and can be found on Little Monkeys Crochet. These are currently my favourites… you know I’m a sucker for buttons…. but it could change.

Now my disclaimer…. I haven’t tried any of these patterns yet so I can’t vouch for them…. hence the subheading to the post! They are my possible choices from all of the ones I have seen. When mine are made I will share them with you, of course. Let me know if you try any of these or if you have another brilliant pattern I should try. Now I’m off to buy more yarn… for the Peter Rabbit blanket that I really need to get going with. Happy Crocheting!!



6 thoughts on “My Top Five Crochet Boot Topper Patterns….

  1. Funny you should be thinking of boot toppers – because INDEED we are going into autumn down here, and I know it’s true because today we had RAIN. Not big rain, but a gentle hour-long sprinkle that just slightly minced the hair and necessitated a couple of wipes of the windscreen wipers. It’s autumn baby and the boots are coming out 🙂

    • We have snowdrops and crocuses (crocii??) but the daffodils are not flowering yet here. Then there was snow on Friday morning too but it melted by lunchtime. So which pattern are you going to use for boot toppers Jill???

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